The flying elephant (likely concept)

Dumbo and Timothy

1 star, backline damage

“The very things that held ya down are gonna carry ya up!”

The flying elephant flys above the competition while raining down peanuts and…pink elephants??


Entrance: dumbo flys into the battlefield then he hovers above his position before he lands on the ground

Victory: he smiles and wriggles his ears

Defeat: he faceplants on the ground

Basic attack: dumbo spits a peanut out of his trunk at the closest enemy, dealing x damage


White: Peanut pummel

Timothy feeds dumbo a bag of peanuts then dumbo flys over the enemy team while firing peanuts from above as he flys, dealing x damage to each enemy the peanuts hit while also knocking each enemy back and stunning each enemy for 5 seconds.

Green: advice from a mouse

Timothy gives dumbo words of encouragement, increasing the duration of any buffs given to dumbo while also healing him for x amount.

Blue: pink elephants on parade

Every third basic attack, dumbo blows a pink bubble from his trunk which turns into a pink elephant that then lands on the battlefield and then marches through the enemy team, stunning each enemy it passes through for 5 seconds while also increasing the duration of any disable to each enemy by 4 seconds.

Purple: ninth wonder of the world

“Peanut pummel” now heals dumbo for x amount for each enemy he stuns with the skill.

Red: Magic feather

Dumbo is immune to all disables and gains 2 stacks of hardy for every disable that an enemy tries to inflict on him.

“Pink elephants on parade” now inflicts “hallucinating” onto each enemy it passes, “hallucinating” increases the chance of each enemies attack missing its target by 50%.
+X armor
+X damage to “Peanut Pummel”
+X reality negotiation


Dumbo/Peter pan
Dreams come true
increased health per number of hardy
+Z max HP

Dumbo gains x more HP per stack of hardy he gains in each wave.

Dawn patrol
longer stuns
+Z more damage to stunned enemies
+Z armor

All stuns done to enemies are now 5 seconds longer.

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