The ghost grim and grinning’s spooky concept contest

Glad I’m not the only one lol.

It doesn’t need a photo, buy you can have one if you want or need to (if we aren’t familiar with the character)

There are 2 days left to enter your concept, then they will be put in a poll and on the 31st of this month we will decide who deserves to win, then the 1st of july we will start the next stage

Oh snap! I better start working right away!

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Yes, yes you should.

Submission is finished!

I love that concept.

I am looking forward to the poll! All in favor of not voting for your own concept because they are all great

I’m gonna make it can see who you voted for

Is there a way to control who can vote on which option?

No, it’s just anyone can vote for anyone but them selves

Alright then. I’m definitely not voting for myself.

Me too! I was not going to anyway because I think voting for yourself is selfish

Yes, that is true.

Of course! That would be cheating. And besides. I’m not THAT selfish.

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you’re not selfish at all.

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None of you are selfish.

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One question: how will the second round work?

The exact same but you can’t enter the same concept and once the characters has a concept in this there can’t be another concept of that character

So I can do a unique character that’s not in this round for the next one? Will there be voting for round one?

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