The Holiday Meme Game 2


Correct you get 25 points

I don’t know how to describe it, because it’s pure battle and madness, but it’s the first clip of this compilation: Crash’s Funniest Moments:S1 (Pt.2)

10 points for the meme

This series is about a bunch of pony’s with powers and they’re best friends

Also guys please invite some more people to play and Happy Thanksgiving

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My Little Pony

The new one (Yes, basic I know)

Correct you get 25 points

The new one was the only best movie Warner Bros Discovery dropped and that will be 15 points for the meme

Which Nick Jr. show is ranked the number 1 worst show of all time?

Dora the explorer?

Correct you get 25 points image

That the show exists

I would be friends with Twilight. I think there’s no need to explain why.

Yeah of course I think she’s cool 30 points for the meme

(Worth 50 Points)
This Canadian logo has a Polar Bear looking at the North Star (or under a hill of stars) and distributed, created, and co-created a lot of shows and also worked with Nickelodeon

Nelvana Studios

Anyways, I think you missed the extra points of the meme for @Kermit1. Just to be fair.

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Correct you get 50 points and I did give @Kermit1 the extra points

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