The Holiday Meme Game 2

My favorite moment is the infamous “Is mayonnaise an instrument?”

17 points for the meme

To be a fair play, I steal only 50 points from @Kermit1.

@Kermit1 loses 50 and you take 50

Thanks! Anyways, the new question is missing.

“It just goes to show ya that a one-eyed rabbit can beat a king” -Bugs Bunny

15 points for the bugs Bunny meme

This Cartoon Network original show is about a boy in his Laboratory

Dexter’s Laboratory

Correct you get 25 points

She’s the main protagonists from Descendants


If I was a scientist, I would create a time machine, so I can see myself in the past and in the future in third person.

Correct 25 points

15 points for the meme

This show is about a purple muppet with a boy as his friend that causes trouble a lot

Crash & Bernstein

Time traveling abilities

Correct you get 25 points

9 points for the meme

This character is Mattel’s most popular character

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