The hopping boxer (Unlikely concept)

Hippety Hopper


Stars: :star::star::star:
Position: Frontline
Role: Damage
Trial team: Red


A powerful boxer with an array of knockout moves…is really a kangaroo with boxing gloves, be wary of his powerful haymaker


Entrance: Hippety Hopper hops into the battlefield

Victory: Hippety Hopper raises his hand up with a smile

Defeat: Hippety Hopper gets tired and stops to catch his breath

Basic attack: Hippety Hopper kicks the nearest enemy with two feet, dealing X damage.


White: Haymaker (Fantastic damage :star:)

Passive: For each basic attack hippety hopper deals to an enemy, he is granted X attack power and 25% attack speed

Active: Hippety Hopper hits the nearest enemy with a strong haymaker, dealing X damage to the foe, knocking the foe back and dealing X extra damage per each amount of attack power increased on him.

Green: Body blow

Hippety Hopper delivers a body blow to the nearest enemy. dealing X damage to the foe and knocking the enemy back.

This skill is unavoidable and uncounterable.

Blue: Hippety skip

Hippety Hopper jumps towards the enemy with the highest attack power and hits the enemy with a flying lariat, dealing X damage to the foe, knocking the enemy back, stunning the enemy and stealing 35% of their attack power and giving it to himself.

Purple: Finding the angle

Hippety Hopper has 45% attack power against non-tank enemies

Red: Bouncing boxer

Whenever Hippety Hopper crits against an enemy, he stuns that enemy for 4 seconds and halves the duration of buffs on that enemy.

“Hippety skip” now steals 25% more attack power and 2 buffs from the target enemy.
+X damage to “Haymaker”
+X skill power
+X reality


Hippety Hopper/Tigger
Bounce around
Stuns drains attack power

All stuns against enemies now drains their attack power by 25% for 5 seconds.

Hippety Hopper/Donald duck
Rigged fight
Increased power to “haymaker”

“Body blow” now deals X more damage per each 15% amount of attack power that is increased on hippety hopper.

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You probably wasnt expecting a reply this early, but what is the source of this character?

Looney tunes

I’m really hoping for big chungus concept from you or someone else

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Must your defeat sign must be stops to catch his breath

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