The Horned King (Likely Concept)

“You’ve interfered for the last time! Now, pig keeper, you shall die!!”

The Horned King is a powerful sorcerer who heavily relies on reinforcements to do his bidding! Using the Black Cauldron itself, he can summon his own minions, and unleash pure chaos!

Role: Backline Control
Team Color: Yellow


White Skill: Arise!

Passive: Instead of fighting, The Horned King stays in the back, slowly gathering energy from the Black Cauldron.

Active: The Black Cauldron shoots out a pillar of green fire, and summons a Cauldron Born. The Cauldron Born has X HP, X basic damage, X armor and X reality. If the skill activates again when the Cauldron Born is still alive, it will charge into the closest enemy, dealing X fantastic damage, and be replaced with a new Cauldron Born. When The Horned King is defeated, the summoned Cauldron Born will also be KOed.

Green Skill: Pint-Sized Goblin

At the start of each wave, The Horned King appears alongside his minion, Creeper.
Creeper has X HP, X basic damage, X armor and X reality. When “Arise!” is activated, Creeper will laugh manically, scaring all enemies for 7 seconds if he’s still alive. Scare has a chance to fail against enemies above level X. If Creeper isn’t on the field when “Arise!” activates, he will reappear with full HP. When The Horned King is defeated, Creeper will also be KOed.

Blue Skill: Cauldron Calamity

At half energy, The Horned King summons green fireballs from the cauldron that attack all enemies for X fantastic damage, and leave them burning for 5 seconds, dealing X fantastic damage each second.

Purple Skill: Messengers Of Death

When a Cauldron Born or Creeper is KOed, The Horned King gains Reflect for 6 seconds

Red Skill: Among Mortal Men

The Cauldron Born summoned from “Arise!” comes out with Invincibility for 5 seconds.
Creeper takes 50% less damage when The Horned King summons him a second time with “Arise!”
The Horned King is immune to TRUE damage when a Caludron Born and Creeper are KOed.

+X Cauldron Born HP
+X Creeper HP

Battle Badge

Is charged in battle when: A Cauldron Born and Creeper are both in battle.

Stat Buff: +X Tenacity
Lineup Buff: +X Reality per Yellow Team Hero
Effect Buff: 10 seconds of 75% more attack speed

Friendships and Disks


Campaign: Flames of Pure Evil
Description: When the two hellfire fueled sorcerers meet, they attempt to take over every corner of the city, but their progress is hindered by those pesky heroes!
Campaign Heroes: Madam Mim, Dr. Facilier, Hades

Friendship Disk: Infused In Embers (Minion Immunity)
+X Armor
Appearance: A chipped fragment of the black cauldron itself.

Cauldron Borns summoned from “Arise!” and Creeper are immune to disables from enemies below level X, and give The Horned King a stack of Hardy for every blocked disable, up to 3. (+1 per star.)


Campaign: Competitive Conjuring
Description: When The Horned King tries to command his army, one of them revolts, being under the control of Jafar. After finding out about him, The Horned King takes it as a challenge to outmatch his sorcery, and prove who is better at control.
Campaign Heroes: Magica, Oogie Boogie, The Evil Queen

Friendship Disk: A Glare in the Sand (Cursed Fireballs)
+X Skill Power
Appearance: A snake eye covered in sand.
Cauldron Calamity steals a total of X HP across all enemies, and curses them for 3 seconds. (+2 per star)


The Horned King

Victory: Raises his arms up, his eyes glowing.
Defeat: Gets sucked into the cauldron.
Entrance: The cauldron glitches in, as The Horned King walks in and awakens its power.

Cauldron Born

Victory: Strikes its shield with its sword.
Defeat: Crumbles apart.
Defeat (When a new Cauldron Born is summoned): Self destructs into an enemy.
Entrance: Climbs out of the cauldron, and takes out its sword and shield.


Victory: Claps and jumps around excitedly.
Defeat: Chokes himself.
Defeat (When The Horned King is KOed): Looks back and screams.
Entrance: Hops onto the battlefield.


this is just amazing. 9.5/10 more people need to see this

Wow wow! (Pun intended) this is good.

Woah woah.

It’s a reference to a scene where the Horned King is about to punish Creeper by choking him, but Creeper does it for him.

I love this great work!

I love this concept. I think one of the the attacks should be “Send the Gwysenths!” and his pet dragon attacks.

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UPDATE: This concept has now been reworked!

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