The invincible? (Unlikely contest entry)

This is my submission for the unlikey section of the 2nd grand concept contest

Foghorn the invincible

“Boy, I said boy! They won’t know what hit em!”

Foghorn leghorn decided to wear a whole suit of armor over his body, this allows him to soak up damage and reflect projectiles with ease to protect his allies

Basic info

Stars: :star::star:
Position: Frontline
Role: Tank
Trial team: Red


Entrance: foghorn the invincible walks into the battlefield

Victory: foghorn the invincible laughs proudly

Defeat: foghorn the invincible turtles into his armor as it falls down

Basic attack: Foghorn punches the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: Visor knocker

Passive: when entering each round, foghorn gains X armor, X max HP and reflect for the rest of the battle.

Active: Foghorn turtles into his armor and throws himself into the enemy with the most buffs, this deals X damage to the target enemy and steals 3 buffs from the enemy.

If one of the stolen buffs is reflect, then he will also gain invincibility for 10 seconds which also makes him immune to knockbacks until the invincibility ends.

Green: Clobber them

Foghorn gains a single wheel at the bottom of his armor and two maces to replace his arms then he rides towards three random enemies to ram into them, each drive-by deals X damage and steals a single buff from each enemy chosen.

This move will also steal 45% armor from each target enemy.

Blue: Never enough armor

Foghorn sprays and wipes his armor to make it shiny, this grants him 45% armor and he also gains reflect for 10 seconds

If foghorn already has reflect, then he gains invincibility for 5 seconds instead.

Purple: Walking fortress

Each 10% of armor given to foghorn now also increases his crit power by 10% per amount of armor he has.

Red: The invincible

For each second that foghorn is invincible, he heals himself for X amount for each second of invincible he has left.

“Clobber them” and “Visor knocker” now deals X critical damage when foghorn has more than 60% armor
+X skill power
+X armor
+X max HP


Foghorn the invincible/Goofy
Knight for a day
Allies: Mulan, Tigger, Li shang
invincibility lasts longer

All invincibility on foghorn and his allies now lasts 3 more seconds.

Foghorn the invincible/Kida
Defending a warrior
Allies: Captain hook, Jim Hawkins, Gonzo
Reflect cleanses debuffs

Each reflected attack now cleanses a debuff off of the ally that is reflecting an attack.


I don’t necessarily think this is wrong, but Wave is usually used

Also what is he from? (I was gonna say DuckTales,but I saw it was unlikely)

He’s from Looney Tunes.


Now that I think about it,makes sense

Has Foghorn ever worn this armor in a short or anything? I don’t remember this at all, lol.

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If not then they did a great job of photoshopping it :joy:

(No…this version of foghorn is from looney tunes: world of mayhem which is a looney tunes mobile game)


Oh yeah I remember that game

I looked that up. Thanks for clarifying. Fun concept though. Foghorn is hilarious.

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Thank you!! Son I sad thank you!! @Commander-Rex

There will be more concepts based off world of mayham characters in the future…and then there was another!!


Speaking of which…

Who do you want to see next in my world of mayham collection?

  • Zoot suit daffy
  • Don Henery
  • EGGH34D
  • Star-Pharoah Marvin

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I heard that they added the fat Bugs bunny. And I want that.

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