The king of demons


“I am not your cutie pie!”


Yellow midline support

Basic stats 

Health: 54

Damage: 65

Skill power: 72

Skills and attacks

Basic attack:
Throws stuffed animal dealing x

White attack: king of demons
King laughs and a tower a stuffed animals falls on the enemy dealing 72 and stunning the enemy

Green skill: who dares
King hugs a stuffed animal, healing him 145

Blue skill: rage squeal
After king is dealt all damage he can receive, he falls on the ground and squeals giving him half of his health back

Purple skill: cutie pie
King heals his allies 35%

No red skill


Disk: kings of cuteness
King has 2x more health

Huey, Dewey, and Louie
Disk: trouble makers
King does 3x more basic damage

Entrance, and exit

Runs in and picks up his stuffed animal

King hugs the stuffed animal

King does his rage squeal

Post all suggestions

Yes you are.

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Lol, I knew someone would say that

Oh my gosh its perfect now we only have to wait about a year for perblue to notice this and then we will have our cutie pie

Can you please stop reviving concepts?


Huh I don’t understand what that means? I mean everyone is saying it and why is it dead?

cause there aren´t post in this concept for a long time and you posted here so it is called like you revived the concept

Still don’t understand what it means

Look at community guidelines.

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