I do not know this god, neither will I let your people go.
I will not be the weak link!

Rameses, the new King of Egypt, has come to assort his power on the enemy team, refusing to let them go.

Team: Yellow
Position: Middle
Role: Control


Entrance: Rameses will walk into battle, and then puts his hat on. (CHANGES AT GREEN SKILL)

Basic Attack: Rameses whips the nearest enemy.

Victory: Rameses crosses his arms and laughs.

Defeat: Rameses storms off.


White Skill: Don’t Just Stand There!

Rameses points his sword, increasing the armor of 2 random allies, as well as targeting a random enemy for them, and sapping one random enemy.

Green Skill: Horse Race
Rameses enters the battlefield on horse, and then he crashes into the enemy line, dealing two enemies X damage. This silences one enemy that he damages.

Blue: Blood Mixture

Rameses calls Hotep and Huy, his henchmen, into battle to create a blood mixture. Rameses then throws the mixture at the enemy with the most HP, decreasing their armor and attack speed.

Purple: Brotherly Grief

When Rameses reaches 0 HP, he holds up Moses’ ring to his face, healing him back to 25% of his max HP. He then glares at the enemy who defeated him, which applies a random disable to that enemy.

Red: Father’s Legacy

When Rameses uses his white skill, “Don’t Just Stand There!”, he now can apply a random disable to a random enemy.

  • +X Damage dealt from “Horse Race”

  • +X Basic Damage

  • +X Max HP



Disk Name: Proud Politicians

Now, “Brotherly Grief” will heal Rameses to 50% of his Maximum HP.

Allies: Prince Phillip, Yzma, Scar

Rameses/Moses (coming soon)

Disk Name: Your People

With this disk, in Rameses’ Green Skill, “Horse Race”, he can now run through the enemy once, damaging X damage, and crash the second time.

Allies: Hercules, Esmeralda, Li Shang


Not only is Rameses my favorite Dreamworks villain, he is my 2nd favorite villain behind Frollo, so I had an awesome time making this, and I hope you enjoyed!

Nice Concept! Also, welcome back!

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