“I’m meant to run BLT Steak in Vegas. Chef, I know you believe in me, and I know you see it in me, I’m your guy.”

Role: Tank

Team: Red

Position: Back


Entrance: Jared pulls in via the Hell’s Kitchen Limo, he exits, and then he takes off his sunglasses.

Victory: Ashley comes onscreen and hugs Jared.

Defeat: Jared takes off his jacket and throws it to the ground.

Basic Attack: Jared uses a knife to attack an enemy, dealing X Damage.


White Skill: Can I Get A Medic?


Jared calls on a medic to take an enemy out of battle for 4 seconds. The medic can’t find the cut! This means that the enemy comes back with 50% of their health amount they had when they were taken. It also applies a random disable for 4 seconds.

Green Skill: I Choose Women

A lady will walk through the battle, bypassing Jared, in which he gets distracted. The whole time he’s distracted, he has a shield, and his attack speed will increase by 20% after the woman is gone.

Blue Skill: Poker Player


Jared throws a barrage of poker chips into the enemy line, each poker chip dealing X Damage. Each Poker Chip color does a different effect.

Black- Normal Damage

Red- Debuffed Armor

Blue- Freezes an enemy

White- Stuns the enemy

Purple Skill: Your Guy

“I Choose Women” now heals Jared X HP per second the woman is on the battlefield.

Red Skill: Medic? More like Pathetic!

“Can I Get A Medic?” Now keeps the enemy out of battle for 6 seconds instead of 4.

  • +X Max HP
  • +X Basic Attack Damage
  • +X% Attack Speed


“One Hell of a Reunion”
Allies: Rameses II, Mary Lou (COMING SOON), Matthew (COMING SOON)
Jared’s basic attack now deals twice the damage.

“Cooking With a Fire”
Allies: Jackie, Mary Lou (COMING SOON), Colette
The Blue Poker Chip on “Poker Player”’s freeze duration is extended by 1-2 seconds.


I know this is definitely one of my weirder concepts, but, I had to. Jared has a lot of moveset potential when it comes to a game like this, so, I took the opportunity. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my latest unlikely concept! Next concept will be of my choice.


Very good concept!

Can You make one of Donut’s skills the Twinkle of contagion?

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You mean the TINKLE of contagion


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Cause I am

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