The king's greatest warrior (unlikely concept 15)

bandana dee

2 star, frontline damage

“I’m not just a pretty face!”

The toughest of the waddle dee’s uses his spear to slice through foes


Entrance: flys down using his spear like a helicopter blade.

Victory: he raises his spear in the air triumphantly

Defeat: he spins around and then falls onto the ground

Basic attack: jabs the nearest enemy with his spear, dealing x damage


White: multispear attack

Bandana dee unleashes a flurry of spear jabs at the closet enemy, dealing x damage to that enemy per hit.

Green: waddle triple toss

Bandana dee throws three spears into the air which then all three spears land onto three random enemies, dealing x damage

Blue: wcmd

At the start of each wave, bandana dee waddle-copters over the enemies then he drops down onto enemies with a spinning downwards spear attack, dealing x damage to any enemy in the attack zone.

Purple: legend of dee

“Waddle triple toss” now deals additional damage when used again on the same enemies

Red: stellar attendance

Bandana dee now gains x armor whenever he falls below 40% of his health

“Wcmd” now steals armor from any enemies hit by the falling spear attack.


Bandana dee/kida
Weapon choice
Health regen when threatened

Bandana dee’s health now regenerates when under 30% of his health

Bandana dee/gonzo
Bandana of fearlessness
More powerful spear

Bandana Dee’s basic attack and “multispear attack” now deals more damage against enemies with high armor.


is this for my King Dedede concept lol

I think so!

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