The Law Of Equivalent Exchange

So, we all have characters we want in this game, and characters we didn’t want already in the game. So, that got me thinking of a fun game. What if we could gain characters by sacrificing others?

Some rules.

  • Each character from a part of Disney already represented, (Feature Animation, TV Animation, Live-Action, Pixar, The Muppets, Touchstone), costs 1 character.

  • Each character from a part of Disney not yet represented, (ABC, Marvel, LucasFilm, 20th Century), costs 2 characters.

  • Characters not owned by Disney cost 3 characters.

My trades
-Gain Warmonga, lose Moana
-Gain Shego, lose Maui
-Gain Mira Nova, lose Mr. Big & Koslov
-Gain Luz Noceda, lose Angel
-Gain Adult Simba, lose Olaf
-Gain Don Karnage, lose Gaston
-Gain Galavant, lose Hamm and Ducky & Bunny
-Gain Franny Robinson, lose Duke Caboom
-Gain Scooter, lose Pleakley
-Gain Gwen from Total Drama, lose Baymax, Lock, Shock, & Barrel, and Merida.
-Gain Spider-Man, lose Tia Dalma and Queen Of Hearts
-Gain Ahsoka Tano, lose Ursula and Mushu
-Gain Anne Boonchuy, lose Maximus
-Gain Ingrid Third, lose Kristoff and Sven
-Gain Maggie The Cow, lose Scar
-Gain Sweetums, lose Kevin Flynn
-Gain Victor & Sparky, lose Shank
-Gain Mortimer Mouse, lose Finnick
-Gain Kate Beckett, lose Yax and Vanellope
-Gain Evelyn Deavor, lose Mr. Incredible (Like Helen should)
-Gain Jessica Rabbit, lose Slinky Dog

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Gain Jimmy Neutron, lose Kim Possible, Jessie, and Powerline

Gain Perry the Platypus, lose Ursula

Gain Ladybug, lose Violet, Jack-Jack, and Frozone

Gain Monkey Fist, lose Baloo

Gain Captain America, lose Huey, Dewey & Louie, and Yax

  1. Who is Monkey Fist
  2. I’d Baloo really worth the sacrifice?! He’s really good
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I love the idea for this game,but what are your reasonings for the character sacrifices? Just curious,I didn’t know if it was personal or what.

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From Kim Possible.

You don’t know that Chamelia was going based off of how good Baloo is in-game. Maybe they would just rather have Monkey Fist in over Baloo for character reasons.

And as an aside, why didn’t you keep all of your thoughts in one comment instead of making 2 separate ones?

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I don’t know how to do that,can people stop saying that to me?

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See, just quote, type your opinion, and then quote another post and type again. It´s not that hard


It never works for me :neutral_face:

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What does it appear?

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It quotes it,but it never says whom I quoted

Maybe I should just @ people

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Let´s see…

Make this steps. Then tell me what happened.

Since u do it on computer it might be dif

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No. I´ve made it on computer and tablet. It´s the same.

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Just a question

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Ok,did it work?

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Yes. See? It´s not that hard.

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I guess not

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But this is off topic,so I suggest we stop :slight_smile:

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Toy Story and Zootopia, I’d say have a few too many characters represented, I don’t like Moana, Brave, or Ralph Breaks The Internet, losing Maximus and Kristoff & Sven would make this game easier and more fair for all, and most of the other sacrifices I made were of characters I didn’t care for, anyway.

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