The man with a thousand of choices

Henry Stickmin (Escaping the Prison)

He’s a :tophat: midline damage.


Bio: After many failures, Henry Stickmin always tries again to get what he wants.

Team: :stop_sign:


Enter: Uses a teleporter to get into position.

Win: He dances.

Defeat: He gets shot and falls backwards.

Basic attack: He tosses a rock, dealing X damage.


Please Don’t Fail
Normal or Fantastic damage :fist: or :stars:
A cake appears in front of Henry and he reaches into it and players choose what he’ll use.

Crowbar: Henry gets a crowbar, gets into the frontline, and swings it five times, dealing X normal damage per hit. Then it disappears, and Henry does a "I’m watching you gesture, increasing his attack damage 200%, and walks back to position.

Rocket Laucher: Henry gets a rocket launcher and fires it, dealing X fantastic damage to the farrest enemies.

Sandwich: Henry gets a sandwich and eats it, healing himself X hp.

While on auto, it cycles in order, Crowbar, Rocket Launcher, and Sandwich.

:green_circle: Wasn’t me
Henry tosses a rock with a whoopee cushion behind an enemy, silencing that enemy for 15 seconds. Durning the silence, that enemy receives X extra damage from any source.

:large_blue_circle: The Greatest Plan Ever
True damage :shield:
Once per battle, when Henry reaches 0% hp, Henry revives and Charles flys in and crashes into the enemy team, dealing X damage to all enemies. If an enemy is below 25% when this happens, they are automatically K.O.ed.

:purple_circle: How Many Fails?
Henry Stickmin receives 99% less damage from any sources.
This is reduced if the enemy is above level X.

:red_circle: Escaping the Game
Fantastic damage :stars:
“Please Don’t Fail” does the following buffs.

Crowbar: Has a 75% chance to stun that enemy for 12 seconds.

Rocket Launcher: Deals X damage to enemies near the backline.

Sandwich: Grants Henry 200% speed up for 10 seconds.


Henry and Hiro
Different Gadgets
Allies: Scar, Tron, Mr. Incredible
Hiro needs help on something and asks Henry to help.
New Choices
“Please Don’t Fail” grant Henry X reality.

Henry and Captain Hook
Villainous Crimes
Allies: Maleficent, Hades, Zurg
Hook found some treasure, so Henry tries to steal it.
Cake of Gold
“The Greatest Plan Ever” stuns enemies for X seconds.

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