The merc with a mouth

If you haven’t seen Death Battle’s Deadpool vs Deathstroke and Deadpool vs Pinkie Pie, turn back and watch them. Spoilers here.

Deadpool (Marvel)

He’s a :taco: frontline damage

“Oh no! It’s Deadpool with a gun!”

Bio: As the killer of Deathstroke and befriender of ponies, Deadpool uses his weapons to take down the bad guys.

Team: :stop_sign:


Enter: He walks in, talking on his phone, then hangs up and take out his sword and a gun.

Win: He teleports to the chat button and looks at it.

Defeat: He covers the part of his mask where his mouth should be with his hands.

Basic attack: He swings his sword on the closest enemy, dealing X damage, and shoots his gun at the farrest enemy, dealing X damage.


:white_circle: Shooting Hard
True damage :shield:
Deadpool takes out 2 guns and starts firing it, draining his energy at a median speed. All enemies are dealt with X damage per second for when the energy is this being drained.
True damage ignores everything.

:green_circle: What is that?
Fantastic damage :stars:
Deadpool grabs his enemy’s health bar and whack them with it 3 times, dealing X damage per hit.

:large_blue_circle: Hold on
Normal damage :facepunch:
When Deadpool is about to hit, he gets on his phone and start talking, stunning the enemy for 1 second. After the stun is done, Deadpool then puts up his phone and shoots the enemy, dealing X damage. If that enemy was below X hp, that enemy would be instantly K.O.ed.

:purple_circle: Healing Factor
Deadpool heals X hp every second.

:red_circle: Maximum Effort
True damage :shield:
Deadpool’s attacks deals X extra damage.


Deadpool and Pinkie Pie
Lots of Fun
Allies: Discord, Baymax, Smg4
Deadpool and Pinkie Pie are having fun taking down creeps while breaking the fourth wall.
“What is that?” deals extra damage.

Deadpool and Smg4 Mario

Destruction Day
Allies: Bob, Fluttershy, Mad Hatter
Smg4 Mario runs out of spaghetti, and goes to Deadpool for help.
Spicy Meatball
“Hold on” stuns nearby enemies.


Hey, do you think that Deadpool would aprove on this? Same with Pinkie Pie with this.

Is this based on the Fortnite deadpool or just regular deadpool?

Regular why?

The deadpool picture you chose was the Fortnite one.

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What’s the difference?

He just looks more cartoony.

Everyone is cartoony in the game(DHBM).

I don’t wanna argue anymore.

You used my characters nice

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