Element of Laughter

Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

She’s a :tada: midline support

“Oatmeal, are you crazy?”

Bio: Pinkamena Diane Pie uses her party planning skills to damage her foes while making her allies laugh.

Team: :gem:


Enter: Bounces in(may change a little in the :green_circle: skill).

Win: She rush to the screen, making her up close, and she waves at the player, then rush back to her position.

Defeat: Her hair inflates, then deflates, leaving her hair flat and her crying as she becomes pink-grayish.

Basic attack: she tosses either a :cupcake:, :cake:, :pie:, :icecream:, :cookie:, a cherry chimichanga, or a whisk.


:white_circle: Party Cannon
Fantastic damage :stars:
Pinkie Pie takes out her iconic party cannon and fires it, giving her allies X reality for 10 seconds and dealing X damage to all enemies.

:green_circle: Party Animal
During the beginning of every wave, Pinkie Pie bounces into the battlefield while the screen turns into different tints of color, like green, pink, orange, purple, etc., for 5 seconds, giving allies X more attack damage and blinding enemies for 10 seconds.

:large_blue_circle: Pinkie Senses
Normal damage :facepunch:
Whenever a ally is about to be K.O.ed, Pinkie Pie grabs the ally, kicks the enemy that was about to K.O.ed the ally, dealing X damage and knocking back that enemy. Pinkie Pie then sets the ally down and heal them X hp. Pinkie can only do this for every 8 seconds.

:purple_circle: Cupcakes and Smiles
Pinkie Pie has 25% chance to toss a :cupcake: at the ally with the lowest hp. This will heal the ally X hp per second for 4 seconds. This skill will not work if Pinkie is charmed.

:red_circle: Element of Laughter
Pinkie Pie’s heals gives allies X more skill power.

“Pinkie Senses” gives a shield the ally affected by the skill. The shield has X hp and lasts 10 seconds.


Pinkie Pie and Mickey Mouse
Different Party
Allies: Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse
Pinkie Pie is lost in the city and Mickey tries to help her get back home.
You’re invited
“Party Animal” heals Pinkie and her team X hp for 10 seconds.

Pinkie Pie and Powerline
Power Party
Allies: Animal, Hank & Dory, Ralph
Powerline wants Pinkie to help him with a party.
Tech Party
“Party Cannon” has 50% chance to stun enemies.


I didn’t even realize that you like My little pony

this is the best concept i have seen from you so far. still improvements that can be made but good job

Have you Doodler of Dimensions (Concept of Me) yet?

I’ve seen it. Not bad

10 characters

What improvements?

Really cool concept

I give this concept a :+1:.

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