The Missing Link


“Why are you threatened by anyone different than you?!”

Tarzan is a front-line damage hero

Trial Team: Red

Stars: :star::star:


Entrance: Tarzan swings into the battlefield with a vine (until G0+)

Victory: Tarzan pounds his chest and hollers

K.O.: Tarzan squats down and rubs the ground with his knuckles

Basic Attack: Tarzan swings his spear at an enemy, dealing X damage


White Skill: Primitive Defender
Passive: Tarzan wields a spear in which he swings at enemies as his basic attack. Tarzan redirects 10% of damage done to him to his spear. His spear has X HP. When the spear falls below 39% HP, the spear breaks into a dagger which deals X damage. The spear may not be healed

Active: Tarzan hollers out loud, granting allies a shield which lasts for 8 seconds

Shielded allies gain X skill power for every attack speed buff they have

Green Skill: Vine Swing
:fist: Normal Damage
At the beginning of every wave, Tarzan swings into the battlefield with a vine and hits the frontmost enemy, dealing X damage, pushing them back

Blue Skill: Ape Pride
Tarzan pounds his chest, granting allies 80% attack speed for 8 seconds

Tarzan also gains 5 seconds of invisibility

May fail against allies above level X

Purple Skill: Skills of the Wild
Tarzan now has a 35% chance to dodge attacks

Now when Tarzan’s spear breaks, Tarzan gains X basic damage

This effect is reduced when attacked by enemies above level X


Tarzan - Kim Possible
“Jungle Spy”
Longer Invisibility
Allies: Gaston, Hiro Hamada, Mike Wazowski

  • +X Armor
  • +X Skill Power
  • “Ape Pride” grants Tarzan 2 more seconds of invisibility (increases by 1 second for every added star)

Tarzan - Scar
“Sense of Direction”
Higher Chances of Dodging
Allies: EVE, Timon & Pumbaa, Jack-Jack

  • “Primitive Defender” shields X more HP
  • “Skills of the Wild” grants Tarzan an extra 2.5% chance to dodge attacks (increases by 1.25% for every added star)


  • Damage
  • Stun

Hope you liked it!


Bill Cipher coming on Tuesday. The day of the update!

It’s been so long since I’ve watched Tarzan even tho this concept is a little short I like it!

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Sin Counter
*Bad character image(+1)
*Tarzan Swings his spear(+1)

Final Sin Counter: 2

EDIT: Better Image

@_Undertaker please delete your comment. Also the second sin doesn’t make sense. And you can’t rip-off my sin counter

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Hmm, the kit is far from bad, though I can’t say it is good either. First of all, Tarzan seems to lack a cohesive theme or identity in his ability. `

His Spear seems more thematic than strategic, as the form doesn’t seem to contribute much other than bulk - something that could have easily been added to Tarzan base stat instead. Both Spear and Dagger also seems unexplored, as the rest of the kit doesn’t interact with the form change as all.

Green is not bad, but isnt the newest. The knock back is nice, though the invis makes Tarzan similar to Scar. Unlike Scar, Tarzan kit lack the early damage to make use of it. His Dagger form needs him to take damage first (assuming he deals more damage in this form) and other than that, he has nothing else.

Blue is rather bland, considering speed boost are every where in game already. It also doesn’t synergize with the shields, invis, or dodge chance.

Finally, Purple is just like Jessie. Still, similar passive is fine as long as the kit makes sense (for instance both Mal ad Tia shares the same purple). However, with a kit already heavily on defense, it seems strange that Tarzan receives this. Dodge chance makes sense for heroes that are squishy in nature, as it adds survivability without overbuffing their stats. However, Tarzan already comes with an extra health reservoir and invis, so it seems redundant.

Overall, though the kit is organized, it feels detached and all over the place. His Damage tag suggests offensive power, yet none of his skill explores this. The abilities are good, but doesn’t outline a strength or theme. His White and Blue make him seem like a supportive tank, yet his Green and Purple focuses on self preservation. In the end, Tarzan is definitely not your best work, though with some adjustment, he has potential to be a great concept.

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I’m still trying to figure out what X means

Is it like… full damage

X means damage and level. Unlike you, I put variables, not definite damage

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I like this! But I don’t understand what you mean by “until B0+” for his entrance? What happens at B0+?

Nice concept. It stays very true to Tarzan.


Your sin counter you say?



So what @The_Death_Note is saying is you can’t rip off a rip off sin counter lol


  • Tarzan redirects 10% of damage to his spear instead of 30%
  • Allies shielded by Tarzan gain skill power for every speed buff they have
  • “Vine Swing” no longer grants Tarzan invisibility
  • “Ape Pride” now grants Tarzan 5 seconds of invisibility
  • “Skills of the Wild” grants Tarzan basic damage when his spear breaks
  • And more

Well I brought it into the forums. Also it is a hero concept sin counter so… still mine

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“(until B0+)” means that that it will stay like that until it is promoted to blue rank, or has a blue border

I also say “(until G0+)” and (I don’t think I’ve said it yet) “until P0+”

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And you called mine a rip off when I was counting your sins

Well yeah I was the first

Thanks, I understand that, but if he only enters that way until B0, how does he enter after that?

Overall this is great @The_Death_Note I just have a few concerns

Correction counter

Nothing happens at B0+ I think you mean G0+ (-1)

He Swings his spear (-1)

Why is he in the stun collection? he does not stun in his attacks (-1)

Correction count: 3



Well the sin counter (I let @Prince_Aamir use it) reviews the whole concept. Thx for noticing my mistake

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