The phony king (likely concept)

Prince john

1 star, backline control

“This crown gives me a feeling of power! POWER! Forgive me a cruel chuckle, heh-heh-heh…”


Entrance: walks in while counting his coins then he puts them away and straightens his crown

Victory: prince john chuckles to himself

Defeat: prince john gets scared and sucks his thumb

Basic attack: a rhino guard charges through the battlefield, dealing X damage to each foe he passes through.


White: Guards!!

Passive: at the start of each wave, prince john taxes the enemy with the most energy regen, the enemy that has been taxed has 15% of each amount of energy they gained which instead is given to prince john, if a taxed enemy has energize on them, prince john steals the energize and gives it to himself with it’s duration refreshed.

Active: prince john calls in a group of rhino guards to charge at the enemy team, dealing X damage to each enemy they pass through, dealing knockback and draining 25% of each enemies energy.

This move deals X more damage to energized enemies.

Green: Raise the taxes

Prince john orders that the taxes be raised, this increases the amount of damage that each enemy is dealt by X amount. This skill also increases the duration of all debuffs/disables on each enemy while also stealing 35% energy from each enemy and giving it to prince john.

Blue: Count the riches

Prince john counts the coins he has in his hands, this gives prince john 45% energy and 45% skill power while also making prince john immune to saps for 10 seconds.

Purple: Phony king

Every energy stolen by prince john is now doubled whenever prince john gets energized.

Red: cruel chuckle

Prince john now deals X damage and decreases X% evasion from an enemy when they attempt to sap him during each wave.

Each percentage of energy given to prince john now increases his critical damage by 15%
+X damage to “Guards!”
+X skill power
+X max HP


Prince john/Scrooge mcduck
Rich off
“Guards!” Drains more energy

“Guards!” Now drains 15% more energy from each enemy.

Prince john/Yzma
Royal pain
longer sap immunity

Prince John’s sap immunity from “count the riches” now lasts 3 seconds longer.


Nicely done :+1:

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