The pine tree (Requested by @IAmSpongeYo)

(Today’s concept was requested by @IAmASnowySpongeYo)

Dipper pines

1 star, backline support

“Time to show grunkle stan how a real mystery hunter does it! Dipper out!”

dipper pines uses journal 3 as well as his mystery solving skills to solve any problem


Entrance: Dipper walks in with journal 3 under his arm then he pulls out the journal and opens it

Victory: dipper puts the journal down and cheers excitedly

Defeat: dipper screams in terror as he accidentally drops the journal

Basic attack: Dipper flips through the pages of his journal, studying the nearest enemy for 5 seconds at a time, enemies who are already studied instead has their armor decreased by 50% for everytime dipper studies them.


White: mystery journal

Dipper finds a interesting page in the journal and shows it to his allies, increasing the duration of the studies that they inflict onto the enemies by 4 seconds and also makes all allies immune to being scared for 10 seconds

Green: magnet gun

Dipper uses a magnet gun to pull the backmost enemy into the frontline, stunning the enemy for 6 seconds and also decreasing their movement speed by 100% when the stun wears off

blue: 17 cameras

Dipper pulls out a camera and flashes a picture of the two nearest enemies, blinding the two enemies for 5 seconds and also studying the two enemies for 5 seconds.

If the enemies are already studied, it instead deals x damage to the enemies and steals x energy.

Purple: perfectly logical explanation

Dipper is immune to being disabled by enemies that have been studied by dipper or any of his allies.

Red: Stay out of this

All blinds and studies now makes enemies 50% more likely to take damage from critical hits

Dipper now perfers to target the most wanted enemy with his basic attack, the studies from the basic attack now stacks onto the most wanted enemy.
+X damage to control enemies
+X skill power
+X armor


Dipper/Kim possible (she hasn’t been scrapped yet)
Mystery flick
more effective blinds

dipper goes to investigate mysterious noises coming from a abandoned theater…but kim possible has also been called to investigate

“17 cameras” now blinds enemies who are under 60% of their max health for 3 more seconds.

Dipper/Scrooge mcduck
The Mystery awards
multiple targets

Scrooge asks dipper to accompany him in order to find a legendary artifact from a forbidden forest area

“Magnet gun” now targets two backmost enemies instead of one.

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Remove the wiki. Or else anyone may edit it

This is basically a freeze.

So Dipper can’t blind enemies with this skill if the targets are already studied? If so, edit it

Lemme reword it:

Dipper is immune to disables from studied enemies.

Crit attacks don’t work like that.

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