THE PREDICTIONS RETURN! (1.16, March Updates and Beyond!)

It was leaked by PerBlue themselves @Poirot


Anna and Belle
At this point I realized everything is coonected😱

@MissingLure No Leaks. Not only is it part of Perblue’s policy for the forum as a whole, but because of getting in trouble with Perblue I’m cleaning up my Prediction posts and threads themselves.

I take this very seriously, as it has gotten my forum account suspended before. Please kindly delete your leak post.


Oh my, I’m so sorry i didn’t read that. I will erase my message immediately. I don’t want to cause you any trouble.

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It’s ok. Thanks for Understanding. :+1:

Wait i remember perblue leaked mulan will be added for march and either pluto or minnie mouse will be added for the second aniversty can it cause you troubles or it wont since they hinted about it 8 days ago?


If Perblue said it themselves or it is visible in game, like the status effect Hunny, it is completely fine.

Eeyore doesn’t have his second friendship, sadness confirmed?


That is… no. I hope so. I feel like she is really missing from the roster more than anyone else for the most part. But that is by no means confirmation.

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Nope, his 2nd friend is already in the game.

Really? Who’s that?

Eww… that’s so bad.
Sadness would be good addition to game.

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Never give up. They can expand franchises like they did with Hercules and Toy Story.


True the thing is it can be hard adding sadness along with fear and disgust since these 2 are hard to make skill sets for unlees she will be brought with bing bong or perblue will manage to have good skill sets for disgust fear and sadness sadness could come in small update whoever who will be added in appril must be syndrome since he was reavlead a month ago maybe sadness will come in june or in august i nothiced there is a pattren started back in october when perblue started to add pixar charther in any even numbered month it started with randall the charthers from ratoutile came in december and februrary we got finding dory charthers which left us with few pixar movies to add from


Another delayed friendship (friendships with heroes already in-game that weren’t released on time)…

There’s another friendship for Eeyore called “A donkey tale”, and is unknown who is it.

Maybe it could be Joy :man_shrugging:

It’s Shrek! Just kidding. It could be little john

No, it is (apparently) someone from the game

Belle, maybe

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