THE PREDICTIONS RETURN! (1.16, March Updates and Beyond!)

@Chief_Lionheart_XLI did you even read this?

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New heroes soming soon? :thinking:

I did. Still thinking* who likes telling tales?

Wendy from Peter Pan?
Alice from Alice in Wonderland?
Tweedle Di and Tweedle Do from Alice in Wonderland?

That is always… technically

Then it could be Alice

If they could bring Joy (in a Support role), they have possibilities

My point basicly that fear and disgust having lower chance to be added in comparsion to sadness i did not said they are impossible i admit i thought eeyore s second friendship would be sadness but i am wrong

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They should have mickey emojis unlocks in the game tbh

You’re right. They haven’t done that.
Well it was said that 1.17 will bring us more cosmetics, so maybe more emoji unlocks then.


Why did they not add it when they added mickey?

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Well they’ve never added emojis with character releases. But we have had 2 different updates where new emojis were added after Mickey’s release, and they still haven’t done him. And that’s weird.


Also goofy he has no emojis


What about goofy emojis donald emojis scrooge emojis hewy emojis dewey emojis and louie emojis any charther who is playable in disney emoji blitz and playable in disney should have emojis

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Yes but the Emojis come from a 3 Party game (another company if you didn’t understand me, in this specific situation, Jam City).
For use them, PertBlue need an agreement with them for use their intelectual property, aka Disney Emojis, here.

This can consume time and money during legal and bureaucracy process.

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If they already have some emojis then it shouldn’t be hard.

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If that the case they probably face the boring and killing joy that is the process of extend the contract by bureaucracy process.


Lütfen bir dahaki sefere ölü konulara cevap vermeyin.


Hello Getting Skill Upgrade Should Be Vip 1, Not Vip 2. And A Mail Arrived In The Game Is Strange But 1000 Wasabi Has Delivered Plus Whose Close Friend From Kim Possble. Sensible. Some Characters Have Boxes in the Game. But the Chef’s Burning Egypt does not have a Box. I think the Challenge Shop should be sold 6 each with 600 Challenge Points. (Thanks for Giving Silnky Dog to Everyone.) If You Give Character To Everyone In The Game, Would You Give Everyone 300 Vip Points?

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