THE PREDICTIONS RETURN! (1.16, March Updates and Beyond!)

Funny enough this is my first Predictions of the new year and the new decade! Let’s dive right in shall we?

Disclaimer: I will mention many characters here. I refuse to disclose whether or not any of them come from leaks or whether they are just my own speculation. However from this point on I will act as though everything is speculation to avoid the rightful wrath of the spoiler police. Any replies asking for leak sources will be flagged.

Patch Note Release: February 14th 2020 (Confirmed)(See Source 1)
Update Release: February 18th 2020
What to expect:
It has been discussed in the past that Tron was coming to the game, with 1.16 coming up and shaping up to be one of the biggest updates ever I think it might finally be his time.
A Pixar Character
Why? Which One?
To me it seems like PB are trying to to get out characters from all the Pixar movies, and there are a few left. But which one and what characters and why this update? Once again: it’s a big update and the last Pixar character was Collette (The January Sign in). I think Finding Nemo/Finding Dory is probably the next new movie/franchise they will tackle and no matter how many characters they might make I think only one would be in this update.
Kim Possible?
Once again assume all things to be speculation. Do NOT get your hopes up. I recently got suspicious because of something that I cannot disclose (Due to the following the rules of my disclaimer) that leads me to believe that not all is currently as it seems and a big surprise character is set to release soon. No that could easily be Anna or Belle considering the great lengths PB is going to (Especially in this update) to win back the hearts of the players, I think it is Kim.
If this is true what might have changed?
Kim could have the same skill set as before, she may have an entirely different skillset, or a skillset that is only slightly different.
She will definitely have the same friendships: Recieve from Darkwing Duck, Give to Duke Caboom.
But what about the fact that she has been gone for a long time and her second disk could be given by someone who has been added since her removal?
Well her second disk was called Sitch Finder, so if it is still called that Gizmoduck is good candidate but so is Syndrome (More on him later). Finally what if she was supposed to have given a disk since then? She’ll probably give a disk to Tron but other than that, there is no one missing a disk that has released since her removal.
Other things:
Arena and Coliseum Chalenger Seasons (Confirmed)
New Creep Surge Difficulties (Confirmed)
Release of Diamond Quests on All Servers (Confirmed)
New Guild Perks (Confirmed)
(See Source 2)
Guild Level 5? (Not sure, but it’s got to be soon)
What about the level cap?
The level cap is increasing at the beginning of the month now instead of the end of the month. This update isnt releasing in March so no level cap increase. But expect a level cap increase literally the first update with a release date in March.

The Final February Update (1.16.1 or 1.16-A)
Patch Notes Release: February 24th 2020
Update Release: February 26th 2020
What to expect:
March Sign in: Thier are a LOT of possibilities here.
A Character to go with the Pixar character in 1.16
No explanation required.
Ian and/or Barley Lightfoot
The Brothers from Onward, a Disney Pixar Movie releasing in early March.
Mulan or another Mulan character
With the live action adaptation releasing at the end of March and Polaris confirming multiple theatrical tie ins (See Source 3) it seems Mulan is likely to finally get her moment in the spotlight very soon. So if a Mulan characters are coming who could be a candidate for thd March Sign in. Well if Mulan and Mushu are separate characters, which I bet they will be Mushu would fit in as a sign in hero.

March Updates:
What to Expect:
Definitely 1 or 2 Onward characters depending on if a character from the movie is the March sign in.
Most Certainly Mulan characters! I’d expect 2 - 4 in total.
Perhaps 1 of those old favorites or 1 one of the surprises from the archive? (See Source 4)

1.17 should be in late March and from that update there are a lot of really great things to look forward to!
What to expect:
An Endless Version of Creep Surge that has better rewards (Confirmed)
Expanding Collections and Cosmetics in a new way! (More After this Update) (Confirmed)
Improve the selection of heroes available at the start of the game for new players (Confirmed)
(See Source 5)

What to expect from the new cosmetics:
I think more than likely we will be getting New Borders, New Emoji Unlocks, New Disney Emoji Unlocks, and New Costumes as well as a New Costume Shop! But not only that I think a new type of cosmetic will be introduced but I don’t have enough information to make a proper prediction.
Syndrome! In case you somehow weren’t aware Syndrome made a cameo in The Kida-Hercules Campaign! (See Source 6) Every character who has made a cameo (With the exception of creeps) has become available later on.

Some game modes might be getting overhauls. (See Source 7)
The Friend System (Especially Missions) could get revamped. (See Source 8)
A way to Re-Read the story could be coming. (See Source 9)


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I really want press on everyone how important it is not to get your hopes up about Kim. It is hunch based on a bizarre occurrence I cannot explain due to the disclaimer. I am not calling her release “Likely”.

Well that’s a rap see you on Friday!


Sir or lady (with internet you never know) I quit my hat to you. You really do a research project here (and amazingly stalked Polaris [joke sound here]) and is plausible.

Congratulations for doing a well researched predictions.


It looks like PB release without problems characters which they want and watched years ago or now, Anna and Kim are easy to build BUT nope, some cooks and Powerline (really??) were of course easier.
[RIP] Kim, Anna and Belle and disks for Gaston, Beast and Duke.

Syndrome? Unsure if not too fast for the fishes. But March should be full of Mulan, so… :man_shrugging:
Maybe fishes will replace our ducks (Gizmo* and Donald) as event characters.

Red skills and refresh too


Looks like we find out tomorrow

Where Is the Patch Notes?

@Adrianlau63 they mean February 14 in the US


Launchpad isn’t an event hero. Only Donald, R&L, Gizmo, and Powerline are

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oh!I see!Thx

I meant Gizmo.

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Cuanto falta

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