The puddy tat and the wittle bird (unlikely concept)

Tweety and Sylvester

Stars: :star:
Position: Frontline
Role: Tank
Trial team: Red

“Sufferin’ succotash! I tawt a thaw a puddy tat!”

one is a wittle yellow bird, the other is a sneaky tuxedo cat, these two rivals puts their rivalry aside in order to battle the creeps


Entrance: Tweety appears in his cage in their position then sylvester sneaks into the battlefield right behind the cage.

Victory: Sylvester smiles and points at the enemy side while tweety swings back and forth on his cages swing

Defeat: Tweety’s cage breaks then tweety angrily hits Sylvester on the head with a mallet that is twice his own size.

Basic attack: Sylvester swings tweety’s cage which then hits the nearest enemy, dealing X damage.

Sylvester’s basic attack(white skill): Sylvester claws the nearest enemy, dealing X damage.


White: Sneak In

Passive: Tweety’s cage is strong enough that it reduces the damage that the duo is dealt by 40%

Active: Sylvester goes invisible and goes for the enemy team to attack them himself, while sylvester is invisible, his attack power is increased by X amount and he is immune to disables until his invisibility wears off. The enemy team also only targets tweety while sylvester is invisibly attacking the foes.

Whenever sylvester is ko’ed or his invisibility wears off, he immediately returns back to behind tweety’s cage.

Green: Pile on

Tweety calls his allies attention to the enemy that has damaged the duo the most during the wave, healing the duo for X amount, applying “distract” to the target enemy for 10 seconds and increasing the skill power of all allies against that enemy by X amount until the distract wears off.

Blue: Feathered headache

Tweety opens his cage and then hits the nearest enemy in the head with a giant mallet, dealing X damage to the foe and stunning that foe for 7 seconds.

Purple: Sufferin’ succotash

Each basic attack from sylvester when “Sneaky cat” is activated now heals the duo for X amount per each basic attack.

Red: I did, I did

Each amount of damage dealt sylvester while he is invisible during the effects of “Sneak in” now reduces the damage dealt to the duo by 5.5% per each hit.

“Feathered headache” now grants tweety and sylvester reflect if they defeats an enemy with this move.
+X damage to “Feathered headache”
+X skill power
+X reality


Tweety and Sylvester/Yzma
Cat attack
“Pile on” cleanses debuffs

“Pile on” cleanses 2 debuffs off of each ally.

Tweety and Sylvester/Chesire cat
For the birds
Longer stuns

The duration of all stuns done by tweety and sylvester or their allies are increased by 3 seconds.

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