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  • Conductor & Orchestra added

  • I will be making friendship campaign concepts!


I love the new concept @The-Pumpkin-King
Maybe do some from 20000 leagues under the sea
Captain nemo, the professor, ned land, the giant squid, the nautilus (the ship itself and the crew would work inside)

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New concepts from movies you’ve done before
Snow white- the prince, the woodsman
Pinocchio- lamppy, Alexander
Fantasia- the broomstick, the sound track (the charector from the middle of the movie)

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List of heroes I’ve suggested so far
Snow white- woodsman, the prince
Pinocchio- Alexander, lamppy
Fantasia- broomstick, the sound track
Bambi- bambi, flower, thumper, bambis mom, prince of the forest, man, philine
20,000 leagues under the sea- captain nemo, ned land, the professor, the giant squid, the nautilus
Dumbo- Casey jr., dumbo and Timothy, ringmaster, jim crow, pink elephant
Silly symphonies
3 little pigs- fiddler fifer and practical, the big bad wolf, granny, little red ridding hood
The goddess of spring- persephone, the devel, the children, the nymphs
The tortoise and the hare- Toby tortoise, the hare
The skeilliton dance- skellintons, the scary cat
The little red hen- the little red hen, the chicks, the pig

I know its a lot I’m just recaping so you can add to your coming soon list at some point

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What exactly does that mean friendship campaign concepts

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Her are some examples of what I mean:

Robin Hood/Maid Marian

Darkwing Duck/Rougefort

Scarlet Witch/Elsa

Basically you write out the friendship campaign for a character concept created by you and a hero that’s already in game.

(Also if the original owners [@Protector_Lucky, @Scarlet_Captain, and @Tragic-Magic] do not want these links up there please let me know and I will remove them)


Thats cool. Will they be for the heroes you already did

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@The-Pumpkin-King should we be expecting any concepts today

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Nope I released one yesterday, you should release a concept every 2-3 days.

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Ok who will be the next one when you do it

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I don’t know yet, the anticipation needs to build up lol

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Yes it does
Can you hint what role it is

Who is going next onto the coming soon list?

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It’s a surprise

Hey @The-Pumpkin-King can you do me a favor?

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What is it @ELEKTRO-SOUL ?

I’ll be waiting for it

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I would think once everyday is fine but no more than that

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Sometimes it can be considered concept spamming if you do one concept a day.


I was gonna ask if u could check out my newest concept lol, sorry it was my turn on the XBOX

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If thats okay with you :grin:

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