Rougefort/Darkwing Duck Friendship Campaign

Rougefort/Darkwing Duck Friendship Campaign: Phantom Raven Strikes Back

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Allies: Launchpad, Nick, Winnie

Friendship Unlock Dialogue

DW: I am the terror, that flaps in the night! I am the spoiled diva, that steals the spotlight! I, am darkwing…

RF: I know who you are, Drake Mallard.

DW: Wha-What? How did you know my secret identity?

RF: I know everyone in this city dear. I’ve grown very fond of how the heroes interact with each other. Fooling you was rather difficult. Your clever detective skills, crime fighting, caring personality to Gosalyn…I’m sure Saint Canard is proud to have you as their defender.

DW: Aw, you shouldn’t have!

Chapter 1: Call to Alarms

LP: yawn It sure has been a long day DW! Think I should hit the hay and you can finish the stakeout?

DW: Nonsense Launchpad! This thief is not like others. They’re able to steal treasures, and hearts! You got that LP? Launchpad, wake up!

LP: Oh? Thanks for setting that alarm DW.

DW: I didn’t set any…ALARM! Its that blasted phantom bleu! Come on launch pad, let’s get dangerous!

LP: Aw man, just 5 more minutes!

  1. The museums alarm went off! Darkwing and Launchpad head on over there.
  2. They go to the intersection that leads towards the museum, but it’s blocked by creeps!
  3. Launchpad blinds the creeps as Darkwing uses his quack fu.
  4. They head on over to the museum’s entrance, to see creeps knocked out in a daze!
  5. Darkwing notices a calling card on one of the creeps. He picks it up and reads it.

DW: “Dear Darkwing Duck, I know you’ll receive this message informing you that I will make my brightest appearance to embrace the finest treasures. I hope to encounter you on my adventure within the city. Signed, Phantom Bleu.” What the? How did they know I was coming?

LP: Probably you’re the most fearless defender in the district!

DW: Come on Launchpad, we have a thief to catch!

LP: yawn Can I sit this one out? I’m pooped.

DW: Not now! Tell you what, I’ll give you something to perk you up.

Chapter 2: Midnight at the Museum
  1. Darkwing Duck and Launchpad enter the museum.
  2. Once Launchpad sips his coffee, they investigate quietly.
  3. All the jewels, treasures, artifacts, gone! Who could’ve done such actions so quick and effortlessly?
  4. Darkwing and Launchpad assume it’s the creeps, but a shadow can be seen on the museums floor.
  5. Darkwing sees a figure on top of the roof, it must be the thief!

RF: Glad to encounter you for the first time, Darkwing.

DW: So, you’re phantom bleu. The thief that’s been stealing all the museums treasures without notice!

RF: Of course. After all, there can’t be true suspense without me.

DW: Well, now that I got you within my sights, I believe you’re under arrest.

RF: Unfortunately I cannot accept your request. I bid you farewell, and I do hope to face you in the near future.

DW: How about, RIGHT NOW?

Chapter 3: Great Escape
  1. Rougefort escapes as darkwing uses his grappling gun to take him to the rooftop.
  2. Darkwing and launchpad try to keep up, but are blocked by the creeps!
  3. It’s too much for them to handle! Rougefort knocks them out cold.
  4. Rougefort winks at them and tries to disappear, only to be knocked back by the thief creep!
  5. Darkwing uses his grappling to reach the creep, but they disappear.

RF: Who was that? I’ve never seen anyone challenge my heist skills like that ever before.

DW: Huh. You must be a new one around here. That’s the thief creep. It’s been stealing a lot more valuables in this city than you ever have! It’s really annoying.

RF: I believe I’ll need a new approach in order to reclaim the treasures.

DW: Well, this looks like a case for Darkwing Duck!

Chapter 4: New Approach
  1. Darkwing and Rougefort scan the area while formulating a plan.
  2. Meanwhile, Nick and Launchpad are fighting off creeps while the two plan ahead.
  3. Their plan is simple: Darkwing deceives the creep by distracting it, while Rougefort steals their treasures, undetected.
  4. With their new costume, they’ll be able to turn invisible on command.
  5. Rougefort disappears and returns, wearing their Phantom Raven costume.

DW: What? No fair! There can only be one terror that flaps in the night!

LP: That’s actually a bit harsh to say to him, or was it a her?

DW: Actually, I’ve never told them their gender, but that’s not important right now! We have to get this plan in motion! It’ll probably make me look good.

Chapter 5: Daring Disguise
  1. Once in position, Darkwing gets Launchpad to distract the thief.
  2. Launchpad, disguised as darkwing, distracts the creep.
  3. While so, darkwing swings down, not realizing rougefort is doing the same.
  4. The two crash into each other, and the thief dodges they’re surprise attack.
  5. Launchpad tries to blind the creep, but it disappears.

DW: Hey, hey! How did you do that? I didn’t even see you coming!

RF: A new “feature” was added to my phantom raven costume. It helps me steal jewels, and hearts more quickly. The thief must’ve taken the savannah district. Let’s see if we can cut them off there.

LP: Say, what did I miss?

DW: The thief must’ve taken the savannah district. LP, let’s see if we can stop them there. Let’s, get, dangerous!

RF: Hmmm, his ego is a lot bigger than I thought.

Chapter 6: In Sights
  1. They arrive at savanna district, invisible to other citizens.
  2. The thief is in their sights! Darkwing chases down the creep while Rougefort glides by.
  3. They try to catch the creep, but it’s too fast!
  4. Winnie is nearby. With quick reaction time, Darkwing throws Pooh’s hunny jar at the creep, immobilizing it.
  5. Once the hunny is stuck on the creep, and rougefort’s costume, Launchpad opens the bag, only to find out it’s empty!

LP: Huh? What happened to the stolen jewels?

RF: The thief has outsmarted me. I don’t understand it.

DW: No, rouge! It’s a diversion! A faker! A smart thief always cover their tracks! I’ve learned from trickiest burglars I’ve fought in the past, and I’m sure you’d know better.

RF: Well, I’ve never have done that before. A true act of trickery!

DW: Lucky for you, I am one of the greatest detectives in the city! Follow my lead, dear phantom thief. Also, you may wanna change out of that, you have honey all over you.

Chapter 7: On The Track
  1. Darkwing looks around the surrounding area as Rougefort changes back.
  2. He uses his magnifying glass to clearly see some fragments from the rusted artifacts.
  3. The trail leads east, so that’s where the creep has headed! Darkwing and launchpad fly on other there in their ship.
  4. There’s the thief! Darkwing chase them down alongside Rougefort, who was there before Darkwing and Launchpad.
  5. They surround the thief, but she escapes in a flash!

RF: What? How did she escape so fast?

DW: That’s the thief’s second wind. That means she’s almost out. Come on!

Chapter 8: Second Wind
  1. Darkwing and Rougefort chase the thief in hot pursuit, right back to the museum.
  2. Darkwing tries to fire his smoke gas gun, but he trips. Rougefort grabs it and Bang! Down goes the thief!
  3. The thief drops the bag of stolen jewels and falls of the rooftop.
  4. Darkwing grabs it before it drops, claiming that the treasures must be returned at once.
  5. Rougefort agrees, only for them to come back at a later date.

RF: Perhaps I underestimated your abilities, Drake. You and you friend Launchpad seem to have experiences with crimes like these.

DW: Yep, yep, yep, yep. I’m saint canards trust worthy defender. No clue will he undetected in the eyes of the terror that flaps in the night.

RF: I bid you a true farewell, and I hope to challenge you once more.

DW: Farewell, phantom bleu!

LP: Hey, you wouldn’t let them off the hook that easily! I though you said that you were gonna turn them in!

DW: Nah. Maybe I’ll give them a 24 hour head start.

“Phantom Raven Strikes Back” Completed!

Unlocked: “Disguise The Limit”.

Bit of a Bonus

This is what the Phantom Raven looks like: image


Is rougefort a vilian?

I read that as “I pooped” that made me laugh :laughing:.

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