The righteous gypsy


1 star, mid-line control

“You speak of justice, yet you are cruel to those most in need of your help!”

Esmeralda puts on a performance while outsmarting her enemies in the process


Entrance: Esmeralda walks in with her tambourine in hand

Victory: does a short dance and then winks

Defeat: falls to the ground then gets a shocked look on her face

Defeat(Djali): he gets a shocked look on his face

Basic attack: she shakes her tambourine, healing herself for x amount each time she plays.

Basic attack(Djali): he swipes upwards with his horns, dealing x damage.


White: charge!!

Esmeralda calls Djali who then charges in and headbutts the nearest enemy, dealing x damage and also dealing knockback to the enemy hit

Djali will then remain on the battlefield to fight with Esmeralda for the rest of the wave. Djail has x health and x attack power.

Green: gypsy jamboree

Esmeralda plays a tune on her tambourine which increases the attack speed of both Esmeralda and Djali by 120% for 6 seconds

Blue: magic sneeze

When Esmeralda is under 40% of her max health, she sneezes into a blue handkerchief and then dissapears in a puff of pink smoke, turning herself invisible for 6 seconds and increasing her armor while she is invisible by 80%

Purple: justice!

Djali now gains x max health each time he gets summoned by Esmeralda on a wave

Red: finest in france

Esmeralda is now immune to all disables while she is invisible.

Esmeralda’s basic attack now has a 40% chance to charm the closest enemy if they are below 30% of their health
+X damage to “charge”
+X armor
+X attack power to Djali


Under disguises
invisibility lasts longer

The invisibility from “magic sneeze” lasts 2 seconds longer per star

Foolish dancing
basic attack removes debuffs

Esmeralda’s basic attack now clears her of a single debuff every third time she plays the tambourine.

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