The rival to the other duck (unlikely concept 22)

Daffy duck


1 star, frontline control

“I know, I know, but I can only do it once.”

Daffy duck makes use of hypnotism as well as stuns and armor stealing to make the battlefield a little more loonier!


Entrance: daffy walks into the battlefield backwards while stamping fake wabbit footprints onto the ground then he turns around and throws the supplies away

Victory: daffy tap-dances

Defeat: daffy crosses his arms and sticks his tongue out while he has his eyes closed

Basic attack: daffy kicks the enemy, dealing x damage


White: hypno-daffy

Daffy pulls out a swirly wheel and spins it which hypnotises(aka charms) the two closest enemies to daffy and also stuns the three other enemies in the battlefield (both for 7 seconds)

Green: in the spotlight

Daffy puts the enemy with the highest HP in the spotlight, blinding that enemy for 5 seconds and also effecting that enemy with “spotlight” which makes all allies target that enemy for 10 seconds.

Blue: steal the spotlight

“Hypno-daffy” now steals armor from the two enemies he charms and steals energy from the three enemies he stuns with the skill.

Purple: duck amuck

Daffy takes 90% less damage from enemies who had their armor stolen by daffy during “hypno-daffy”.

Red: Laffy daffy

The enemy effected by “spotlight” now has their armor reduced by 50%.

Daffy now has increased skill power when under 40% of his max health.
+X skill power
+X armor
+X tenacity


Boiling point
All allies gain armor

daffy and donald has renewed their rivalry but it goes too far when they end up accidentally destroying the park while trying to one-up each other.

Daffy now shares 30% of the armor he steals from “hypno-daffy” with his allies.

Not this season
More power per health

its duck season in the city and daffy is pulling all the stops to not be dinner for a hunter but a certain egotistical hunter will not stop until he gets a kill.

Daffy’s attack power increases overtime by 20% for how much max health he has in the wave.


That’s is just like in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.image

That’s the idea behind the friendship

Yep. That’s true.

Lol I was hoping you would make him as green loontern like Lego batman 3 :joy::joy::joy:

Where were you using my Daffy Duck Hero concept


My one came out in May

Don’t revive dead topics please

Okay fine i’m not trying to revive this dead topic

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