The toughest fisherman (CRO series)

Salt cookie


1 star, frontline control

“Life is tough. But it’s worth living!”

braving the rough monster filled oceans of the cookie world, salt cookie arms himself with his trusty harpoon to defend himself in the battlefield


Entrance: salt cookie sails into the battlefield in his boat (he remains stationary on his boat in the frontlines)

Victory: salt cookie wipes his forehead and sighs in relief

Defeat: salt cookie takes a knee as his hair falls down on both sides

Basic attack: salt cookie throws his harpoon at the farthest enemy, dealing X damage.


White: fishers harpoon

Salt cookie throws his harpoon at the backmost enemy then he pulls the enemy into the frontlines while catching a couple of fish along with the enemy, this deals X damage to the enemy and stuns them for 5 seconds while the skill also heals salt cookie for X amount.

Green: ice harpoon

Every third basic attack, salt cookie instead throws an ice harpoon instead of his regular harpoon. This deals X damage and freezes the target enemy for 10 seconds.

Blue: lifesaver

When salt cookie is about to be ko’ed by any enemy, lifesaver (salt cookies pet) heals salt cookie for X amount, deals X damage and knockback to the attacking enemy and steals X energy from the enemy.

Purple: salt mountain survivor

“Fishers harpoon” now gives salt cookie X armor and X attack power whenever he is under 40% of his max HP.

Red: a real lifesaver

The effects of “lifesaver” can now be applied to the weakest ally who is about to be ko’ed.

“Lifesaver” now saps the target enemy for 10 seconds and also steals X% more energy from the enemy.
+X damage to “ice harpoon”
+X skill power
+X attack power


Salt cookie/Moana
Rules of fishing
continuous damage when frozen

“Ice harpoon” now deals continuous damage for the same duration as the freeze.

Salt cookie/Donald duck
Sailors creed
shared healing

“Fishers harpoon” now heals all allies for X amount while also increasing the amount of healing done to salt cookie by X amount.

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