The Veil of Aurora's Guide Collection

This is very good advice. Many people (including me) have ideas that are clouded up and can’t see the simple answer.

Please stay tuned: slowly but surely, I will be adding a special “Red Skill” segment in the overviews of heroes that have them. I will not add them in the “gameplay” portion of the overviews, and that’s because of the nature of Red Skills in general. These things take a SIGNIFICANT amount of time and resources to invest in, so unless PerBlue decides to change that, I will treat them as a separate aspect of the hero, somewhat like I do when I write about Friendship Disks.

When I add Red Skills to an overview that is already completed, I’ll comment on that topic to properly notify about the update.


Update: link for damage hero guide part 2 now available.

Better let y’all know that progress will be very, very slow for the next little while. Have other things that have my attention at the moment.


Do you need help? I got some counter against the characters

No, no, I don’t need help. I’m just taking a break from writing this series, that’s all.

You’re the boss

Update: added link for damage hero guide part 3.


Major upheaval imminent. The Control hero guide will be divided into 4 parts to accommodate the arrival of Captain Hook.


Upheaval complete. Control Hero Guide part 4 now available.


This is amazing work!


Thx for the Great work!
Hey is Nick and Vanellope missing, too bad?:sweat_smile:

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Nick probably Will be un part 6, think? And vanellope, in the part 10

Hey man, I appreciate this a lot. I will be pinning it in my guilds discord. Love from server 18


Very useful guide, thanks for all the effort!

There has been a major upheaval. To accommodate Gizmoduck, Launchpad, and Linguini & Remy, the Support Hero Guides have now been divided into 4 parts. I’ve made sure all the appropriate links are correct for easy navigation.


There’s also Donald who is a control

And oogie boogie who is a tank

Oogie has been dealt with. Haven’t done a thing for Colette and Donald yet though.

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Donald to me is very useful for dealing heavy damage

While also having the chance of absorbing debuffs and randomly applying them to enemies with “flying into a rage” which makes him a wild card…to me at least

Donald’s active is very weak

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