The wisest owl (contest entry)

here is my entry for the second grand concept contest!! Enjoy!!


Source: Winnie the pooh

“I am known for my inspiring rhetoric.”

a wise owl (although his wisdom can be questionable) owl keeps a eye in the sky for his allies while also accidentally misreading notes

2 star, mid-line control

Trial team: Red


Entrance: Owl flys to his position

Basic attack: See passive

Victory: Owl sits down in his rocking chair to rest

Defeat: Owl looks shocked as he drops his stuff


White: The backson (Normal damage)

Passive: instead of a normal basic attack, owl instead attempts to decipher a note which studies the nearest enemy for 5 seconds, if the enemy is already studied, then the length of the study will be increased by 2 seconds.

Active: owl draws what he thinks looks like a backson on a small chalkboard which then the backson jumps off the board and dance walks through the enemy team, dealing X damage to each enemy and stunning them for 10 seconds.

The backson has a 45% chance to deal critical damage to a enemy if that enemy has any disable on them.

Green: A eye in the sky

At the beginning of each wave, owl flies above the enemy team while watching them from above, studying all enemies for 10 seconds and giving himself 100% attack speed for 10 seconds once he lands in his position.

Blue: Misread note

Every third basic attack, owl accidentally misreads a note which increases the movement speeds of all allies by 100% for 10 seconds and also gives all allies critical immunity for until the speed boost wears off.

Purple: Adventure is a wonderful thing

All studies done by owl or his allies now cannot be avoided by any enemy, any attempt by an enemy to avoid a study will result in them being stunned for 5 seconds.

Red: Inspiring rhetoric

Each study dealt by owl now increases his armor by 20%

“The backson” is guaranteed to deal critical damage if the target enemy is studied or stunned by any source.
+X damage to “The backson”
+X skill power
+X armor


Owl House
Allies: tigger, kermit, sadness
increased crit damage when buffed

Owl and his allies now gain 35% crit damage when they receive a speed boost from any source.

Word to the wise
Allies: Hiro, Barley Lightfoot, Captain Amelia
studies steals skill power

All studies dealt by owl or his allies now steals 25% of the skill power from the target enemy.

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