The yellow bane of ghosts (unlikely concept 19)



2 star, mid-line damage

“Wakka wakka”

Pac-man uses fruit and power pellets in order to clear the maze of foes


Entrance: a pixelated pac-man appears making a slow chomp before then turning into pac-man’s form from smash ultimate and then gets into position

Victory: pac-man gives a thumbs up while winking

Defeat: pac-man turns into his pixelated form and then does the following animation below before dissapearing


Basic attack: pac-man throws a random fruit at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage


White: pac-rush

A ghost from pac-man’s game floats by pac-man who then turns into his pixelated form and then chases the ghost into the enemy lines, dealing x damage to any enemy that pac-man chomps in the way.

Green: pac-drant

Pac-man summons a fire hydrant which spurts water at enemies who get too close to the hydrant which knocks them back a fair distance but the hydrant can be attacked by allies or enemies which then sends it flying after six hits.

The hydrant deals x damage when it goes flying and can also break shields when they are under 30% of the shields health.

Blue: bonus points

When pac-man gets back into position at the end of “pac-rush”, a power pellet appears and pac-man chomps on it which effects all enemies with “TURN-TO-BLUE” which greatly decreases the armor and attack power of all enemies for 8 seconds.

Purple: arcade classic

Every third basic attack from pac-man heals pac-man and his allies for x amount.

Red: bane of ghosts

Allies now take 50% less damage from enemies who are effected by “TURN-TO-BLUE”.

“Pac-drant” now has a 40% chance to stun enemies for 6 seconds when they are under 50% of their health
+X damage to “pac-rush”
+X armor
+X skill power


Pac-man/banjo and kazooie
Witching hour
Slower fruits

ghost have stolen pac-man’s fruit and a witch has stolen banjo and kazooie’s musical instruments…so they team up to get them back

Pac-man’s basic attack now slows enemies movements by 100% when they are effected by “TURN-TO-BLUE”

Healthy living
“Pac-drant” stuns longer

baloo trys to cure pac-man of his ghost-eatting obsession by showing him some new fruit…but some pac-man’s can’t be cure…or can they??

The stun from “pac-drant” now lasts 2 more seconds per star

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