They need to nerf Mulan, Minnie, powerline and Pooh

Mulan and minnie and pooh and powerline are ruining the fun of the game with how massively strong they are compared to heroes just recently released like tigger/eeyore evil queen/baloo. And something should be done randall destroyed the game before and now they are the new randall especially mulan
I want to get other people’s opinions on them


They aren’t fun to fight. But it’s fun to have Mulan in your own team…

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They’re powerful, but I think they can be controlled by choosing the right team.

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I think so too!

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Of these four Mulan is my only headache, but a very strong one, mostly because of her white skill damage. Perhaps it’s because of her purple skill, so each deals double damage, because Mulan has a very short cooldown on her shields.


I don’t even worry so much about Pooh… Minnie is the biggest problem in Arena…

My Power: 140k (Randall, Mushu, Mulan, Shang, Meg)
Other one’s power: 98k (Pooh, Minnie, Powerline and two others I don’t remember)

And who loses? Me!

I never had issues with Minnie, she gets wiped out by Jafar very easy. She also fails to counter my Bogo-her charms last 2 seconds on him.

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Minnie und Pooh brauchen keinen nerf.

Try to use some support heroes too… Forming a team with only damage heroes and Megara doesn’t really make a sense though.

Also, Mulan can be defeated easily - sometimes old heroes work better and you don’t even know :wink:


Actually all heroes don’t need some Nerf and others need some buff cuz every heroes has a counter

Duh. Only a few do.

Isn’t that the point? If a hero has no counter, then they’ll be a must have, and we all know how that went :unamused:


I think at least in order to be a balanced character they should have something that can counter them.
For most pure Damage characters this would be control I assume.
So for Mulan her biggest counter should be crowd control I think.

Crowd control… so like stuns, knockbacks and things like that. Maybe characters with strong evasion too. Davy Jones and Baloo could be counters…

Mainly stuns and freezes, but hex should also be useful as hex stop White skills from activating, meaning that Mulan aren’t able to set off the large firework attack from her White skill attack.
A full tank team with Hercules’s Maui disk should also work maybe, as Hercules’s Maui disk gives all tanks Invincibility for some seconds, although this one is probably best used in City Watch than the Arena.

Strong evasion could maybe help against Mulan as well yeah.

Hum…, Baloo can charm and Davy Jones can’t die all that easily so they can be counters probably yeah.

Yep. Plus all those stacks of hardy Baloo has.

Yeah, true as well :-).

I think Muan is at least more easily beatable in City Watch than in the Arena and such, as you can stock up White attacks, especially with Wall-E.


Lol every hero has a counter…

What is the point you’re trying to make?

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