This is a big a mistake! Do NOT make purposeful lost media!

So Kim Possible has been scraped. It’s sad but it’s worse for people who have a connection with the show. My issue is this: her 2 completed friendships (Kim Possible and Darkwing Duck, Duke Caboom and Kim Possible) will become lost media! On purpose! The Missions, The campaign! @Polaris you must answer lest this might not be the last forum I post this on! I will take this straight to the lost media wiki (No not Fandom wiki) forum! Please I’m begging you don’t let these slip away into the sands of time!


What does that mean?

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Kim Possible won’t come to game anymore. She’s been shelved

Where does it say that?

Not really I said that before I remembered that KP might still come. The “Monitoring Device” icon still exists inside the game


Maybe next anniversary update???

Another false topic. Her skill set isn’t in the background data anymore. Does not mean she is scrapped. Could be they are reworking it. The monitoring device is still in the status effects in game.

Stop jumping to extreme conclusions and getting people nervious for no reason.


I made this just in case. I know she might still release.

What part do you not understand?

All time spend for waiting gone to no-where. Great :clap:

Won’t be surprised if they just forgot to remove it.

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Now hold on. It is possible that the reason they never released her and The reason she has disappeared is that they could not get her white skill to work. What I am currently thinking (and hoping) is that she was removed because they decided her white skill was taking to long to fix so they took her out while they are developing a new white skill. Maybe we will see her back in the files with a new white skill in October and have her finally release in November.

Hoping Kim for November Sign-In or next anniversary update. IDK… there’s a lot of improvement for just one delaying character…

There’s been many conversations and debates about Kim coming or not. Hopefully, PerBlue gives us an answer soon. But I am on the “Kim will eventually come” boat.