Thomas O’Malley (the Aristocats Hero Concept)

Thomas O’Malley

There ain’t no alley cat that will challenge creeps and party like Thomas O’Malley. He may not know his way around the City like he does Paris, but it’s a chance he’s down to take.
Trial Team: Red
Role: Frontline Control
Stars: :star:
Quote: “Now you just hide over there and leave the rest to J. Thomas O’Malley.”

Entrance: Thomas O’Malley walks into the battlefield, dancing and singing to himself.
Victory: Thomas O’Malley takes a bow.
KO: Thomas O’Malley turns away from the enemy, giving them a look of distaste.

Basic Attack: Thomas O’Malley claws enemies.

White Skill - Alley Cat Parade - Fantastic Damage
Thomas O’Malley sends Scat Cat and his bandmates parading through enemies, dealing X damage while inspiring all allies with their music, which grants them X additional HP and 45% additional attack speed.

Green Skill - Ferocious Feline
Thomas O’Malley acts wild, scaring enemies for 7 seconds. He them pounces onto the closest enemy, dealing X damage and knocking them into the backline.

Blue Skill - Casual Cat
Thomas O’Malley walks in a circle and sings a tune, making himself immune to debuffs for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill - O’Malley the Alley Cat
If Thomas O’Malley reaches 0HP, he regenerates his HP completely, resuming the battle with X additional armor and reality. His Green Skill power is increased to X.

This skill can be performed once per wave.

Red Skill - the Schwing of Things
Each time Thomas O’Malley performs his “Alley Cat Parade” skill, allies gain X energy and have their attack speeds increased by 50%

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Casual Cat

Thomas O’Malley + Tigger
Campaign: Time to Bounce - During one of Scat Cat’s performances, Tigger steals the show by mixing dancing with his love for bouncing. Having developed a liking for this plush partier, Thomas O’Malley joins in on the fun, learning from Tigger on how to tip-tap to this new fusion of dance.
Disk: Stars in Stripes
Disk Memory: Thomas O’Malley takes 65% less damage from enemies that have been blinded at any point during a wave.
Disk Power: Z evasion, Z tenacity
Allies: Powerline, Chief Bogo, Felix

Thomas O’Malley + Baloo
Campaign: the Wild Ones - Thomas O’Malley is unfamiliar with this new concrete jungle called the City, but it quickly proves itself to be a land of opportunity. He makes fast friends with good ol’ Baloo when he asks for his help in locating Duchess and her kittens.
Disk: Father’s Home
Disk Memory: Thomas O’Malley’s “Casual Cat” skill now makes him immune to debuffs for 10 seconds.
Disk Power: Z armor, Z Basic Skill power
Allies: Robin Hood, Scrooge McDuck, Woody

(the friendship listed above is an obvious nod to both Thomas O’Malley and Baloo being voiced by late actor Phil Harris)

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