Thoughts on the new Battle Pass

Hello everyone! Now that some time has passed we’d love to get your feedback on the new Battle Pass! So throw 'em at us!


Disk Power won’t scale very well.

Can Diamond Crates scale?

Gold and XP Drinks are rather low as well.

Can diamonds scale as well in future releases?


Way to much money


Oh and the premium thing is definitely not worth $25… maybe $10 at best.


The free rewards are an improvement. I like the disc power.


Premium viel zu teuer


It’s okay… needs better scaled rewards and a better price. Way to expensive


I really like the new battle pass implementation. It gives us a chance at helping us along at advancing our heroes. I dont spend a lot on the game because I’m kinda cash strapped so gaining anything free is a huge lift, especially since the since the stamina requirements for heroes badges have ridiculously skyrocketed. But I’m sold.

Love the game but stop using us as milking cows. It is not a secret what is your businesses plan and your methodology but maybe, deep down in your heart you will find a bit of that what is called humanness and start treating us as human beings and not just as ATM machines. Lower the prices!!!


If you REALLY wanted to make money on selling the premium pass, you should only release a new toon there. That way, the only way to have that new toon for the first month of its release, would be to buy the premium pass. Maybe someone who really screws over the arena/coliseum rules too, so that you can’t finish near the top without that toon. But, many people would probably really HATE that too. So, there is that.


Battle pass is good, just need notification bubble to pop up properly.


As mentioned previously I was a little disappointed that no new mechanics were introduced and that it was just a visual reskin with improved rewards.

The visuals are actually pretty good, as is generally the case with DH. The animations when opening the rewards are nice.

Aside from that, the free track gives some decent rewards - most notably the disk power.

The premium track however seems relatively poor value and it’s disappointing to see specific hero chips becoming locked behind yet another paywall.

I would like to see all the rewards scale with level cap, or they will become outdated.

It’s pretty annoying that there’s no clear indicator when a new reward is available to open. We get a ! on the main quests menu item, but nothing on the Battle Pass button. Instead of the pink ! on the quests item, it could be a green one (to differentiate from quests complete) and this could be applied to the Battle Pass button too.


Needs more badge booster and cosmetic crates. 1 at a time is not good value. I bought it begrudgingly because I love Pacha but I feel the value would be good if you upped the crate amounts.


I don’t really like it. Somepeople thell that it’s too much money and i like more the old one. And please, can you put back the thing for collect all the quest in the same time and not one by one

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Many of them do scale with level caps! Each season is snapshotted, but the next battle pass will have even more rewards.


Someone in our guild, who bought the premium pass this time, suggested adding mod pieces as part of the premium rewards. Something else that is hard to acquire in the game, is their idea I think, to make the purchase more worth it.


Way too expensive to warrant the purchase.

The base items, however, are generally useful.

Could do with an alert or something though.


Writing as someone who never bought the premium Diamond Quest and who has no plans to buy the premium Battle Pass (so, yeah, probably not exactly the most important feedback):

I do like the increase in the rewards, both in quantity and variety; it’s especially gratifying to see Disk Power given. Granted, they aren’t huge, but they’re a nice, helpful bonus, especially considering how easy they are to achieve. I look forward to seeing how they scale.

Although it would be nice, as mentioned above, if there were some sort of indication on the Battle Pass icon when there’s a reward ready to be claimed; the first time I saw the red dot on the Quests icon but saw there were no daily quests to actually collect, I thought it was just another notification bug.


First and foremost - its much much much better than the old one! Thank you!

The good:
The free rewards are awesome! We needed a new source of Disk Power badly and the gold is great for low TL players.

The bad:
The paid rewards value-for-money is mediocre. In most other games the battle pass is by far the best value-for-money and people buy it without even thinking. It is like a monthly subscription, you have to work for your rewards, meaning you will play the game at least 1 more month in order to claim them, but in return for your time investment in the game the rewards are great. I understand the current design is meant to provide access to exclusive heroes but only whales care about exclusive heroes. The average joe player cares about value-for-money and is not likely to buy the battle pass. Battle pass is all about player retention rate and guaranteed company income.

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