Thoughts on the new Battle Pass

The cost is too expensive, I pay $15 for my other mobile game battle pass, for a comparison.
The DHBM one costs me $40.

The premium track hero chips aren’t interesting to me.
For that much money, a new unique hero should be provided, not a prize wall hero already featured/obtainable.



  • Increase amount of gold by 200%
  • Change Ultra XP Drink to Colossal XP Drink and increase the amount of them to 50-100 on the current cap rise
  • Move all Diamond Crates from Premium track to Free Track (3 → 33); as anyway these crates are currently useless but at least it will help newer and F2P players
  • Increase amount of Disk Power by 50-100%, it’s good but still nowhere near to required disk power per cap rise and new heroes
  • Increase Diamonds reward to 500
  • Claiming the last milestone could give extra reward like 105-315 Epic City Watch Keys


It’s ‘‘Premium’’ but currently, it gives nothing, I don’t want to pay $25 for ex-prize wall hero, it’s completely useless, and other rewards I can claim from the prize wall itself for free, a waste of time and money, give something unique! If Premium track would give newer hero and give enough red skill chips to max their red skill with some other improvements, it will be worth $25.

  • Hero Chips and Skill Chips should be claimable in the same milestone, always
  • Change Premium Track hero for a sign-in hero of the current month
    • For example: If Luz Noceda is added as July Sign-in she should be as well Battle Pass hero, thus F2P players can unlock her, and people who spend for the Premium track can get chips for her in more significant amounts, and it will make premium track actually worth the money, as for now it will never be worth even $5 with old heroes which already are 6*
  • Increase Skill Chip reward 10 times, if players after paying $25 and after almost a whole month will be able to max red skill for the hero it will definitely bring attention and willing customers!
  • Double Hero chips
  • Increase Badge Crate reward to 5-10
  • Increase Guaranteed Cosmetic Crate reward to 5-10
  • Increase Diamonds reward to 1000-1500
  • Removed diamond crates could be replaced by City Watch Reset in 1-2
  • In some areas add Stamina Consumable in 500-1000 (maybe like 4/5 times overall)
  • Claiming the last milestone could give extra reward like 1000-2000 Mission SpeedUps


Shhhh don’t give them such ideas.


Daily Disk Power outside of the Battle Pass would like to have a word for you, but to an extent I agree. The 5 sessions of Disk Power should probably count up to 2.9M (3.05M after cap raise)… equaling one maxed disk.
Considering we get 2.5 heroes a month, one maxed disk would be decent.

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The free rewards in the battle pass are definitely an improvement and appreciated to better keep pace with the state of the game. The premium side remains to expensive, however. I’ve never before played a game where I put in close to $2K and the game still requires me to spend spend spend like a newby. Isn’t the $2K you’ve collected already from me enough? Will I ever pay in enough to satisfy your greed? Not likely… which is why fewer and fewer are playing. The millions we’ve spent should be enough but it never will be


It’s definitely better than the one we had before, but I would like to see better rewards such as more gold, xp, stamina, and maybe a few badges here and there. Also would like the paid version to be cheaper.


Microtransactions are meant to be like subscriptions… you paying over and over and over… and ideally more than each previous month.

I have to agree with most sentiment here. It just seems too expensive. I think most players here are familiar with battlepasses in various games at this point, so the idea is fun, but it’s tough to justify when the price is so high. I think, generally, players are used to battlepasses being a couple dollars at most, and used as a method to keep players coming back. Fortnite, Rocket League, etc. actually grant the ability to afford the next pass, if you complete the current one. As of now, it generally just feels like a regular daily $25 hero chip deal disguised as something new/different.


Why don’t you set up a black market where we can buy diamonds with gold You have all options except buy diamonds with gold at least for the black market since it doesn’t last long.
Battle pass sucks because it took so long all my heroes couldn’t wait

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As most have commented on already, the idea is good—but the value is poor. 25$ for what you get is way too much. 10$ and I would have bought it. The disk power was nice, but it’s a bandaid on how terrible the rate of earning disk power in the game is. Every avenue that gives disk power (CW, contest, heists, etc) has not been scaled up and give a pitiful amount.

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Battle pass is WAY too expensive. It would be worth it for MAYBE $15

If we are focused on the rewards, they are much improved, but would like to see some normal cosmetic crates thrown in there, otherwise, it is great!

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It is horrible, too much money and isn’t when it, it was better when you got different heroes instead of one hero, but I’m saying that mostly because it is useless for me and maybe not new players. So you could make it better for higher levels?

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Any details to this… like which part of it is in discussion there?

This was in regards to scaling.

So basically it will just scale because of Y16 next… month? Not sure when it is meant to reset.

Obviously, it is possible to do all 25 tiers in 23 days ( because 23 x 10 / 9 is over 25), but no one explicitly said after how many days it resets… 23? 25? 28? 30? More?

And anyway, from what I saw :eyes: the scaling is for (at least in the Free tier): Gold, XP Drinks and Disk Power (Diamond Crates and Diamonds have and likely will never have one).

Besides, I said my objection for Disk Power - it´s barely over half a maxed disk (5x 328k = 1.64M) - if it was close to one (2.9M), I´d call it great. Rn I call it just decent.
Also, I will share my calculations of how the XP, Gold and Disk Power could scale with the support soon.

Way to expensive to purchase


I think its great :blush:

How do u know

I i would like to see characters from the lion simba

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