Thunderbolt and Lightning, Very Very...Scary - Pepa Madrigal (Likely Concept)

Pepa Madrigal (Encanto)

With her emotions controlling the weather, Pepa storms into the fray with devastating floods and howling winds that also happen to cause devastating floods and howling winds!

Role: Damage
Position: Middle
Trial Team: Yellow

“My baby’s night has to be perfect, and it’s not perfect, and people are going to be coming and nothing’s ready, the whole town will be here!”

Basic Animations

Entrance: Pepa strides in with a confident smile and a ray of sunshine, but one look at the enemy team causes the sunshine to zoop away. Pepa immediately looks worried and her Raincloud manifests overhead.

Basic Attack: A spindly little lightning bolt shoots out of the Raincloud, zapping the nearest enemy.

Victory: Pepa breathes a sigh of exhausted relief, sending the Raincloud zooming out of frame while the ray of sunshine (and a happy little rainbow!) returns once again.

Defeat: Pepa’s Raincloud looms ominously large and positively drenches her as she crosses her arms with an expression of utmost frustration.


:white_circle: White Skill: Emotional Storm (:sparkles:)

"Passive: Pepa gains a stack of Raincloud every 3 seconds and each time she is hit by a basic attack or ability. Each stack grants her X (determined by Level) Skill Power.

Active: Pepa wails angrily to the sky, creating a fierce tornado that pulls all enemies into the sky, dealing X (determined by Skill Power) Fantastic damage per second for 8 seconds, before being dropped to the ground for X (determined by Skill Power) Fantastic damage.

While in the sky, enemies are Stunned, and this Stun cannot be Evaded or have its duration reduced by Tenacity. Enemies are then dropped across the battlefield at random."

  • Animation: Raincloud manifests a storm cloud above Pepa’s head, getting larger and larger the more stacks she possesses, with the occasional lightning bolt peeking out. When the Active part is used, Pepa lets out a great, angry wail, causing a swirling tornado to drop out of the sky over the enemy team and suck them up the funnel, whirling them around rapidly before depositing them with a harsh thud at random spots.

:green_circle: Green Skill: Sudden Snowstorm (:sparkles:)

"Pepa’s Raincloud freezes over, pelting the enemy team with a piercing blizzard that deals X (determined by Skill Power) Fantastic damage to all enemies every second and removes 50 Energy per second for 6 seconds.

The Energy removal is less effective against enemies above level X."

  • Animation: Pepa wrings her hands with furious worry, causing her Raincloud to inflate and become surrounded by ice crystals, sending vast amounts of snow and sleet bolting across the screen before it shrinks back down to being a normal Raincloud.

:large_blue_circle: Blue Skill: Clear Skies, Clear Skies…

"Upon reaching 10 or more stacks of Raincloud, Pepa forces herself to calm down, Cleansing herself of all debuffs and becoming Invincible for 5 seconds. While Invincible, Pepa cannot use her basic attacks or other abilities, instead healing herself and the party for X (determined by Skill Power) HP every second.

Once the Invincibility ends, Pepa and her allies deal 20% additional damage with damage over time effects per stack of Raincloud expended for 12 seconds.

The Cleanse has a chance to fail above level X."

  • Animation: Pepa straightens herself up and makes steady, calming gestures with her hands as she closes her eyes, causing the Raincloud to dissipate and a sunshaft to shine down on her. But once the Invincibility ends, her Raincloud appears once again.

:purple_circle: Purple Skill: Married in a Hurricane

"Damage over time effects applied by Pepa and her allies can now deal critical hits with each tick of damage.

This has a chance to fail on damage over time affects applied by allies over level X."

:red_circle: Red Skill: The Family’s Emotional Wreck

"Damage over time effects applied by Pepa and her allies ignore enemy Shields and persist on enemies for their duration even if the ally who applied them is KO’d.

Enemies gain 1 stack of Fatigue per second while they are Stunned. This has a chance to fail against enemies above level X."

+X Skill Power
+X Armor
+X damage per second to Sudden Snowstorm

Friend Disk Campaigns

:sandwich: Disk #1 - "I See a Pudge"
Pepa Madrigal walks down along the City’s boardwalk as it hosts a weeklong Summer Festival, where crowds of people engage in summertime customs and activities, when she happens upon a group of children practicing traditional Hawaiian hula dances. She stops to watch, noting how precious it would be for her little Tonito to do some extracurricular activity like that. When the practice ends, Pepa realizes she’s stayed to watch far longer than expected, and her signature worrisome rain cloud manifests overhead. One of the dancing students, a young Lilo Pelekai, approaches and introduces herself to the “strange lady who changes the weather like Pudge does.” The rain cloud darkens as Pepa registers the “strange” comment, but quickly brushes it aside to introduce herself and ask about Pudge. Who is just a fish. A heated argument begins to brew about whether a fish can, indeed, control the weather (and why it’s perfectly normal that a middle-aged human woman can!) before they decide to scour the boardwalk for some experts on both the ocean and the weather, to settle the matter once and for all!

  • Partner:
    – Lilo
  • Allies:
    – Moana
    – Zeus
    – King Triton
  • Level Up:
    +X Skill Power
    +X HP to Pepa and allies
  • Stars:
    Sudden Snowstorm has a 20% (+20% per additional star) chance to remove 2 random buffs from each affected enemy per second while active.

:plate_with_cutlery: Disk #2 - "Hurri-catering"
As unusual and dangerous as City living can be, for most of its citizens, life must go on. And that includes school for the many children present. And that also includes graduation day as summer makes its appearance! Many of the parental heroes of the City get together to organize a vast open-air feast to celebrate, and Pepa Madrigal finds herself head of the catering committee. But everything’s going wrong! The seats and tables ordered from Chez Remy aren’t nearly enough to seat everyone, many vital ingredients being delivered from local vendors by Gaston keep arriving half-eaten, and the franchise of food trucks led by John Silver to handle the brunt of today’s cooking haven’t showed up because no one bothered to call for them! It’s a disaster! When Pepa storms onto the scene to discover who was responsible for carrying out these duties, she comes across…the Swedish Chef. Of course. Of course! The weirdo with the creepy hands and who’s probably not even really Swedish was put in charge of those things! Now she’s gotta drag the oddball chef around town to get everything up and running and show him how to get it right this time, before her storm cloud turns into a tornado!

  • Partner:
    – Swedish Chef
  • Allies:
    – Linguini & Remy
    – Gaston
    – John Silver
  • Level Up:
    Each stack of Raincloud grants X additional Skill Power as well as X Basic Damage
  • Stars:
    Enemies have 2 (+1 per additional star) stacks of Fatigue applied to them after being dropped to the ground by Emotional Storm.
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