Tilly green concept big city greens

“But isn’t’ that a good thing”
Bio tilly green will support her allies with her pure kindness and her whimsical dreams and the weakest ally will get the most care of all
Stars 3
Roll support
Trial team blue
Entrance tilly green walks onto the battlefield
Position back
Victory tilly green puts her hands in the air and does a little hop
Defeat tilly’s eyes look like they are going to cry while she frowns
Basic attack see white skill

White skill Wizard of wind passive Instead of doing a basic attack tilly green gives a thumbs up to the front most ally increasing their attack speed by 5% and healing by x hp this stack has no limit active tilly green unlocks the secret mode wizard of wind for 10 seconds she cannot be targetted by basic attacks or skills that are a lower rank then her like if she is purple she cannot be damaged by blue skills green skills white skills or basic attacks after the ten seconds are up she launches her tornado dealing fantastic damage to all enemies equal to the amount of damage she avoided.

Green skill is called touch a rainbow tilly green touches a rainbow healing her by x hp and distracting all enemies for 6 seconds tilly also gains 100 energy per buff on the strongest ally. The distract has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Blue skill is called meaningful speech for 11 seconds tilly gives a meaningful speech to ally allies each ally gains 1 stack of hardy per seconds for the rest of the wave the weakest ally gains 2 stacks of hardy and 300 energy.

Purple skill is surprise whenever tilly uses touch a rainbow tilly and the weakest ally gain 10% attack speed for 17 seconds per stack of hardy on the team this has a chance to fail if the enemy has a level above x

Red skill is tilly tornado, tilly also absorbs the damage that would be dealt to the weakest ally adding to the damage being dealt by wizard of wind. Also when the weakest ally crits tilly gains 250 energy. This has a chance to fail if the weakest ally is above level x

Friendship with Pocahontas
Tilly has control of the wind like Pocahontas, loves nature like Pocahontas so they do the great thing they fight creeps in a park.

Disk is called nature girl’s night out in the park
All allies start with 2 stacks of hardy and wizard of wind absorbs debuffs that would be applied to the weakest and strongest ally allowing the wizard of wind to deal x damage more

Friendship with Judy hopps
Tilly green thinks that Judy hopps is so cute much to judy’s dismay

Disk is called justice adorable

When tilly green uses touch a rainbow tilly green grants x attack boost to the weakest ally

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