Time for an MCU Character

Ant Man is a back line Control character who will be available in the Diamond Crates.

Entrance: Ant Man is small and rides in on his ant and turns back to his normal size

Victory: (Normal Size) Ant Man gives a thumbs up and shrinks
(Giant Man) Giant Man’s huge hand appears and also gives a thumbs up

KO: Ant Man falls on his back

Basic Attack: Ant man shrinks and reappears to an enemy dealing damage and shrinking back to his original spot.

Giant Attack
Ant Man turns himself big becoming Giant Man. Ant Man heals himself when he turns big. The player can decide how long they want Giant Man in the battle. The longer Giant Man is in the battle, Giant Man will lose HP per second. While on auto, Giant Man will stay in the battle for 15 seconds and will never lose HP.
Every 5 seconds, Giant Man stomps dealing damage and stunning enemies for 4 seconds.

Ant Wave
Ant Man calls up his giant ants which run across the battlefield dealing damage and stunning enemies for 7 seconds.

Pym Particle Power
Ant Man activates his screen on his arm healing himself.

Bigger is Better
Giant Man’s max HP is increased

Pick on Someone Your Own Size
Every time an ally kills an enemy, Ant Man gains the same amount of energy the ally who KO’ed the enemy did.

Ant Man & Alice

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  • Basic Attack: While the Basic Attack is interesting, I’m more worried about the animation sequence and how long it takes because when you’re in Arena or Coliseum, you’d want to have the advantage at first opportunity. If someone gets stalled too long, the outcome will tip in your opponent’s favor.

  • White Skill: I love the Yzma-esque and the “Giant-Man can’t stay too big for too long” Concept, but I have one question: What does the “…higher chance to lose HP” mean? Does it pertain to Ant-Man losing HP while big, or does it pertain to Ant-Man losing more HP while big?

  • Green Skill: Not sure how big or small the ants will be. If they are big then it would make sense, otherwise, if they are small, then it wouldn’t make sense.

  • Blue Skill: A standard healing Skill…

  • Purple Skill: A pretty decent Purple Skill…

  • Hero Role: Looking at Ant-Man’s Skillset, this makes him a Tank rather than a Control…

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@HeroSSWin The basic attack will be quick. For the white skill, if you keep Giant Man in the battle for more than 15 seconds, he will lose an amount of HP per second. The ants will be big. I made him a control hero for his stuns.

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I would love to hear everybody’s thoughts.

The more in favor we get the higher chance we have of Ant Man coming to the game. If you don’t want him, just put in favor. If he is coming you don’t have to upgrade him.

Why does everyone not want Ant Man?

As much as I would love to see this happen, there’s still no word on whether or not Disney and Preblue will even add a Marvel character, or any character outside of Disney and Pixar, for that matter, to the game.

I’ve seen enough of Marvel & Star Wars in their own toxic, whale-ridden games. The last thing I’d want is to entice them to start coming into this last Disney sanctuary.


Certainly, if MARVEL participates, I think that the game will become more exciting and popular, but at that time it will be “MARVEL HEROES” instead of “Disney Heroes”.

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But Disney owns Marvel.

Yes, Disney owns Marvel, but PerBlue still doesn’t have any licensing rights to Marvel though.

And marvel already has like two fighting games.

Just because Disney owns marvel didn’t mean they’ll come into the game

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Marvel won’t be coming into the game. Perblue has the rights to direct Disney and Pixar characters only, not any branches of them. Star Wars will not be coming either.

That being said, it is not bad for an unlikely concept, the white skill is creative and fun. The other skills are somewhat basic though.


If they do get the rights, then he might come.

But they won’t

You don’t know that.

We all know that. Marvel has their own games and is separate from the Disneyverse

They are bringing a Marvel land to Disneyland!

Disneyland is not the same as a PerBlue game that’s in collaboration with Disney.

Marvel isn’t coming. Star Wars isn’t coming.

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