Time for an MCU Character

Technically they do have badges that show Disneyland references like the Haunted Mansion.

But @TherMasterStitch is right, no Marvel or Star Wars is coming to the game

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Yes, Disney owns Marvel. Disney also owns Pixar but you know what?

Pixar has its own Permission granted when the game opened. Perblue got the rights to Pixar and Disney characters, one company in the huge family of Disney, the other they got was strict Fisney films. since Marvel is another member in this family, like Pixar, they need special liscensing to come into the game.

This liscensing, would cost more money than I think it would be worth. Perblue knows this game will fall eventually, (as do we all, most games do, nothing wrong with that.) so an investment that big, if even allowed, wpuld be a really bad idea. :grin:


All I can say at this point is that we can keep our fingers crossed.:crossed_fingers:

No, we really can’t…

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Be positive

But accept the truth


That is fine, you keep dping that, just be careful you do not get a cramp! :grin:


…i wouldn’t mind a MCU character in here

Captain marvel would be my pick

But this game is for disney pixar and muppets only so yeah…

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If you see this @Polaris can you tell me what you think?

Marvel heroes are not coming to the game. Star Wars heroes aren’t coming to the game. Sorry, but it’s true.


You may be right, but we’ll see.

They are right

We won’t see, we know

Sorry, but Marvel heroes won’t come to the game


Keep the chat clean. No negative comments.

Look, even if they had the rights, I doubt they’d add any Marvel characters. The franchises of Marvel and Disney/Pixar would be considered too different, and much of the community, including myself, would be unhappy.

Plus, the chances of them actually obtaining those rights would not be good.


What about the Muppets? The Muppet have also been in collaboration with disney before and Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and Animal are in the gane and more might be on the way (most likely Kermit or Fozzie)

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Polaris already confirmed star wars and marvel WILL NOT BE ADDED…He said this when the game first released and people were asking for them


Is this possible @Polaris

  1. Dude, listen to the others. It’s not possible because no licensing rights on Marvel for PerBlue.

  2. Stop bumping this topic by replying to it about updates. And don’t constantly tag Polaris, I’m sure he/she/they have something better to do.

  3. This started out as a good topic, now it’s lost its value.

  4. Not everyone in life will agree with you, especially if the things you’re asking/discussing are near impossible. As Chief Bogo said:

"Life isn’t some cartoon musical where you sing a little song and all your insipid dreams magically come true! So Let… It… Go."


This is not like a cartoon @HeroSSWin Keep the chat clean.

@IncredibleFan_VIII you really need to work on listening. We’ve known for a very very long time that Marvel and Star Wars will not be added. You’re refusing to accept it.

Also, how is @HeroSSWin quoting a CARTOON character on a forum for a game based around CARTOON characters, not Marvel characters, off topic or not “clean?”

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