Timelines in the Existing IPs

What the… timeline?!

Movie/Series Name Timeline
Toy Story After events of Toy Story 4
The Incredibles After events of the second movie
The Muppets Within the 2020 Muppets show (or 1996 series)
Zootopia After events of the movie
Big Hero 6 End of the movie/early in the series
DuckTales Unknown, the series didn’t follow a strict timeline
Hercules End of the movie
Inside Out After ‘‘Riley’s Date’’
Lilo & Stitch (the series) During episode ‘‘Angel’’
Wreck-It Ralph After the events of the second movie
Aladdin Nearly the end of the events in ‘‘The Return of Jafar’’
Alice in Wonderland During the movie (during Alice’s dream)
Frozen Before Elsa’s ‘‘death’’
Kim Possible Before final battle in ‘‘Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama’’
Mulan Milliseconds before rocket killed Shan
Pirates of the Caribbean Brethren Court scene
The Lion King During song ‘‘Be Prepared’’
The Nightmare Before Christmas Before Oogie’s defeat
Atlantis: The Lost Empire Nearby the end of the movie
Beauty and the Beast Before villagers attacked Beast’s castle
Darkwing Duck Before ‘‘Jail Bird’’
Hocus Pocus Before the end of the Halloween night
Mickey Mouse & Friends On-going timeline
Monsters, Inc. End of the movie
Onward End of the movie
Tangled Shortly before Flynn cut Rapunzel’s hair
The Little Mermaid Before Ariel was turned human
Treasure Planet End of the movie
Tron: Legacy Before Kevin sacrificed himself; with Tron himself from the first movie, somehow…
Winnie the Pooh During Winnie the Pooh (2011) events [first segment]
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers End of the series
Finding Dory End of the movie
Gargoyles ???
Moana End of the movie
Peter Pan During the movie
Ratatouille End of the movie
Raya and the Last Dragon Before all dragon gem pieces were merged
Robin Hood During the movie
The Emperor’s New Groove During the movie
The Jungle Book End of the movie
The Sword in the Stone End of the movie
Up End of the movie
WALL-E During the movie
A Bug’s Life ???
A Goofy Movie End of the movie
Bolt Before Bolt and Mittens were caught by animal control
Brave End of the movie
Cinderella During the third movie
Coco End of the movie
Pocahontas Early/during the movie
Sleeping Beauty During the movie
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs During the movie
The Great Mouse Detective During Big Ben part
The Hunchback of Notre Dame During/end of the movie
The Princess and the Frog During the movie
The Rocketeer End of the movie

I disagree with this. Elsa’s design is from before she gets to Ahtohallan so it’d more accurately be during Frozen II.
(Also, Olaf still has his flurry so that’d place him between the two movies)

This is not correct :grimacing:, Must be before “goodbye Kevin”

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Yeah, I agree…I think that the placement of the UP timeline that the characters was purged from was somewhere before they encountered charles muntz


Half-naked Li Shang contradicts that, if anything it could be between Shang and the others abandoning Mulan in the hills and the palace ceremony.

Correction: Anywhere from the 3rd film, following “Up is Down” and before freeing Calypso (=Tia Dalma).

Incredibles actually take place before the end of the first one, because Syndrome is in the game

True and not true. All Incredibles EXCEPT Syndrome act as after the second film. Syndrome just got magically resurrected.

Toy story takes place during the events of TS 4, because Woody still has his badge, and he gave his badge to Jessie at the end of the movie

Wrong, PB just didn’t bother with design changes…

Blue skill is literally from the battle between Carl and Muntz.
And I think Russell mentioned Kevin is now save.

then Mulan and Shang wouldn’t be together (knowing she is woman).

You’re an expert in Pirates… but how shortly describe the timeline then?

Considering Syndrome is in the game, and that no characters that appear in the second movie (Voyd, Reflux, Brick, Evelyn Deavor, ScreenSlaver, etc) appear in the game, except on badges, I think it takes place before the first movie ends. Not to mention, they do say a couple times that superheroes are illegal in the game.

ideally, before the Brethren Court scene (where Barbossa locks up Tia Dalma, cause they are on friendly terms)

or the dead Kraken scene… or the “Jack has a deal with Beckett” scene

Elastigirl mentioned Elasti-cycle, and she is fully aware of JJ powers too.

Evelyn was mentioned escaping from jail on one of the missions (with Shank), before they removed the story from them. Syndrome is just the odd one.

And he was mentioned in some old Mr.I - Elastigirl mission (before the change). I think it was Mr.I - Elastigirl.

Aren’t we forgetting the elephant in the room: Tron: Legacy Kevin Flynn and the OG Tron.

Shouldn’t it be before Boo returns to her room and before the garbage scene where Boo’s monster costume lost one of the eyes? :thinking:

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Laugh floor.

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Updated Frozen to a more correct timeline…

I think I actually know the part of the timeline where flik and the biker gang grasshopper comes from

You see…yes…flik has his grain harvester and his homemade telescope…but judging by the flaming bird and the fact that hopper is alive

The timeline that flik and hopper were purged from was during the scene where flik, the circus bugs and the other ants unleashed their fake bird plan to scare hopper and his army away but the flaming bird came from the moment when P. T flea set the fake bird on fire using his flaming d***h act causing the bird to crash

(Feel free to debunk it if you must)

And for Duck Tales, the designs are from the 80s series while the in-game conversations are often based on the reboot series.

That’s true… in most times anyways.

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