"Time's Up!" - Miss Minutes Unlikely Concept

"Time’s Up!" - Marvel Studios’ Loki’s Miss Minutes Unlikely Concept

Name: Miss Minutes
Description: Created to observe and aid the TVA, Miss Minutes will help her allies any way she can.

Quote: “Okay, y’all, let’s review what we’ve learned.”


Trial Team: Red

Role: Control

Position: Front

Stars: :star:


Entrance: Miss Minutes walks in air in position.

Basic Attack: See Passive

Victory: Miss Minutes smiles.

Defeat: Miss Minutes frowns angry.


White Skill: Jump Scare
Passive: Instead of having a basic attack, Miss Minutes gains one stack of ‘Time’ each time she takes damage.

Active: Miss Minutes dissappears and reappears in front of the backmost enemy, scaring them and decreasing their attack speed by 5% per stack of ‘Time’ she has gained, until the skill activates. Once it’s activated, Miss Minutes loses all stacks of ‘Time’ and begins from zero stacks.

Green Skill: Getaway
Every 10.0 seconds, Miss Minutes avoids an attack and appears in the back of the field for 5.0 seconds, healing herself by X HP.

Blue Skill: Deep Research
Miss Minutes searches in her files for the enemy with the most energy. When she finds them, she steals X energy from them and studies them for 6.0 seconds.

Purple Skill: Timeline Protection
When an ally reaches 1 HP, Miss Minutes grants them ‘Berserk’ for 10.0 seconds and each time that ally takes damage heals themselves and Miss Minutes by X HP.

Red Skill: Time’s Up!
Every third stack of ‘Time’ applied to Miss Minutes deals X damage to the enemy that attacked her last. If the enemy has less than 50% of their health, Miss Minutes stuns them for 4.0 seconds or if the enemy has less than 50% of their energy, Miss Minutes silences them for 4.0 seconds.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Fantastic Damage
+Y Max HP
+2.0 seconds in study


  • Miss Minutes/Tron

    "Break The Code"
    Allies: Wasabi, Dr. Drakken, Gizmoduck
    “Jump Scare” clears the enemy from all active buffs.
    +“Getaway” grants to Miss Minutes 1 stack of ‘Hardy’.
    +X HP in every healing applied to Miss Minutes.

  • Miss Minutes/Vanellope

    "Code Fixing"
    Allies: Ian Lightfoot, Ralph, Belle
    “Jump Scare” deals X damage per stack of ‘Time’.
    +Scare lasts 1.0 second longer.
    +X Basic Damage

Hero Mastery Collections:

  • Control
  • Marvel

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