Timothy Unlikely Hero Concept


Description: Timothy the little burning oil engine have came to help his allies, thanks to his unique fuel, he can last longer to aid his allies in dire situation.

Quote: ‘‘Hey!, stop what’s going on you cars’’
Star: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Frontline
Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: before entering Timothy whistle twice from a distance and then drive toward his position with a content expression.

Victory: Timothy smile proudly.

Defeat: Timothy look annoyed at the enemies.


Basic Attack: Timothy hit the enemy with his buffer dealing X Normal Damage.

White Skill: Rainbow Car:
A truck fill with trash covered in different colours of paint appears in the middle of the field. Applying to all enemies a Reality Decrease by 60% for 10 seconds and Remove 200 Energy from them.

The amount of energy removed is less effective against enemies above level Y.

Green Skill: Supported Notice:
Timothy target one of his ally with the least amount of HP and warns them, healing X HP per seconds and Reducing 80% of every damage source for 6 seconds.

The Damage Reduction has a chance to fail on ally above level Y.

Blue Skill: Burning Fuel:
When Timothy reaches 40% of his Max HP, his fireman will refuel Timothy tank to full. Healing Timothy for X HP, gain Precise and gaining 8 Stacks of Determination for 15 seconds.

Timothy can use this effect once every 10 seconds.

The Precise has a chance to fail on Timothy above level Y.

Purple Skill: Oil Engine:
Thanks to his unique fuel system, Timothy is immune to any Fatigue stack that are apply to him.

Any enemies who attempt to Decrease his Movement Speed or Attack Speed have a 60% chance to be convert to Increases Z Armor for him for the rest of the wave.

Red Skill: An Engine Will:
Before using “Rainbow Car” now apply Timothy and all of his allies Z Tenacity Increase and 2 Stack of Determination for 15 seconds.

Every 2 time Timothy uses “Supported Advice” on a ally, now apply to all enemies Studies for 8 seconds.

Once per wave, when Timothy reaches 0 HP he Revives himself. When this happens he Cleanses himself, gain 4 Stack of Determination to himself for 15 seconds and Heals X HP.

• + Z Max HP
• + Z Reality
• + Z HP healed from “Supported Advice”



[Timothy and Thomas]
Description: On a sunny day, Timothy was sent to help out the Ffarquhar Branchline as Percy was in an accident and sent to the work to be fix. In a couple of days of Timothy shunting and taking goods in the Ffarquhar Branchline, many of the bystanders were starting to notice Timothy working in the yard, and thanks to his odd shape this intrigued many of the masses to take photos of him. This of course made Thomas jealous and tried his best to gain his fame back.

Disk Name: A Ffarquhar Quarrel
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP to Timothy and his Allies
• + X Armor to Timothy and his Allies
• + Tank role enemies lose X Tenacity

• Every 7/6/5/4/3 of Timothy Basic Attack now Heal X HP to himself and his Allies.

Allies: Toby, Daisy, Derek

[Timothy and Bill & Ben]
Description: At the China Clay Pits both Bill & Ben were playing a trick on poor Pooh, who were telling to him a magical stone that is able to wish anything him wants. This of course caught Timothy attention and soon stop the twin, this of course upset the twin and proceeded to scuttle away from Timothy. As they ran, the twin soon concocted a plan to get Timothy back for ruining their fun.

Disk Name: Mischievous Vengeance
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP
• + X Reality
• + Enemy lose X Reality while they have Hardy

• Damage Role ally affected by “Supported Advice” now gain 2/4/6/8/10 Stack of Hardy for 9 seconds.

Allies: Eda Clawthorne, Tiana, Statler & Waldorf

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