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Hello dear forum users, it is me, Prince Tamatoa III. I will be releasing my own hero guides where I talk about hero combinations. You can also throw me any questions and I’ll help you to solve it. Note that I may a few days to reply, so sorry for the inconvenience in advance.

Thank you for your patience and time to read this. I hope the tips are useful.

Hero Guides:

Blue Team

Blue Team Guides (Part 1)


Looking forward to all of it!

My first tip: Complementing heroes

If there are skills or disks that help both the heroes, it makes the hero stronger in some ways. For example, Hades and Jafar. Hades’s Meg disk allows Jafar to deal more damage with his blue skill. And Jafar’s Scar disk gives Hades more HP. This can be an alternative should Hades have not unlocked his red skill.

Another combo includes Vanellope and Pooh. Vanellope’s Dash disk increases damage dealt to slowed enemies. Since Pooh’s white skill is lethal alone and can KO some low HP enemies, he can KO more enemies because of the damage buff and stacks of “Hunny” he applies. (FYI, my Pooh can deal 160000+ damage without any stacks of “Hunny”. With the disk equipped to Vanellope, Pooh can now deal an extra 90000+ damage. If he is at Red rank, level 168.) Vanellope’s red skill can now activate almost anytime from after applying stacks of “Hunny” to before Pooh uses his red skill and so in turn, Vanellope also can gain more energy to activate her white skill faster.


2nd tip: Teams used

I guarantee you 100% that you will change your hero lineups sometime in the future. You can’t keep using the same teams in war or anything (Unless your guildmates are stronger than you (Guild war only), no one attacks you which I think is impossible, or is effective in defeating enemies.) Before you start fighting, do some research on the hero and check for guides that can help you. Or after fighting (and you are defeated) check the skill levels of the enemy. That way, you can know what to do, try to calculate how much damage is dealt (cause the damage dealt stat is never useful or maybe it is ) and be informed of your team weakness. For example, in a friend campaign fight, if your team is KOed and you are battling on Auto, try switching to attack manually and if you can, try to collect energy for all your heroes enough to activate all their white skills. Or maybe if this doesn’t work, check your total team power. Usually the team that is weaker will be KOed faster than the enemies. Maybe enhancing badges, levelling up heroes and upgrading skills, getting disks could be useful enough to defeat your enemies. The foolproof method here is to keep levelling up as skills can always be upgraded or if you are running low on gold or saving it for a red skill, enhancement is a better option. Whatever suits you.


1st question: Who should I use?

If you’re doubtful of who you should use, check the skills and see if they are useful. If you’re still unsure, compare with another character that has one thing in common between the two of them and check if they have at least a disable and/or debuff (eg. Compare Nick and Mulan. They are both damage dealers. Nick has 1 disable only without his red skill, but has 3 debuffs, 2 disables and 1 debuff. Mulan has 2 disables only. ) You can also ask your guild for advice or u can promote them to orange rank and use them in your team, unless your team has more than one red rank hero, with a red skill for either.


I will also release my Hero guides here so you can be informed of who to use.


Only if underleveled :neutral_face:

If anything, Frozone is terrible.


True. That’s what I said. Elsa is better than Frozone although he has evasion and whatever not. Elsa also has some of the same stats

Tip 3: Mod upgrades

Before applying any mod upgrades, check to see if there are more that you can earn. If no, do a list of eligible heroes who have the equivalent mods equipped first and see which is useful.
First, Skill Power mods. Healing skills and damage skills with disables are priorities. Usually skills that can increase damage or healing through skill power or basic damage is better to apply skill upgrades.
Next, HP mods. Check the hero’s stats and see if the hero needs the upgrade. Support heroes usually can be given a shield because of their often low HP (or maybe). If the hero lacks in Armor or Reality more than the other stat, common sense is to apply the upgrade for the weaker stat.
Finally, Basic Damage mods. Check your heroes for the type of damage they deal and their badges. This helps to see if the fantastic crit upgrade should be applied or not (Some deal fantastic damage but do not have fantastic crit). Next, if the character is a speed booster like Animal, apply the attack speed upgrade. If the hero deals heavy normal damage or normal damage skills are lethal, apply the normal crit upgrade. If you’re unsure, wait to develop your hero and then analyse again and see if there is a difference or just apply the normal crit upgrade. Almost everyone will deal normal damage as their basic attack.


No offense but these ‘guides’ aren’t very helpful. It’s more just you talking about a select number of heroes and giving a very bland explanation of skills which anyone could look up. If you want to be genuinely helpful then put more thought into them rather than saying “Anger has buffs and debuffs” or “Pooh has self-healing”. Statements like that are extremely redundant and provide little to no insight into the character you are going over.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to change it to your liking.

Maybe provide an example for me to see. And I’ll do it your way.

I just think it’s a pointless exercise you making these guides. I don’t know what to tell you to help you improve them because quite frankly I don’t know where to start.

OK. I’ll take some time to edit my guides. Thank you for your feedback.

@Fellow_Spooklet, I’ll DM u separately before I release my second draft, OK?

Ok, I’ll see how I can help.

Dear forum users, my hero guides and other posts will be undergoing renovation (I’m going to edit it with my editor) and as such, all hero guide posts and some other posts will be removed for the time being.


Dear all, thank you for your patience. I will be releasing my brand-new improved guides today! I will set a poll and you can comment and vote on what you would like to see next!


Basic Damage Team: Animal, Beast, Robin Hood, Merida and Kevin Flynn

Animal has a white skill that gives basic damage, so pair him up with anyone that has basic damage dependent skills and if the Beast uses his white skill, his attack speed can be further increased. (I’ll save u the math and that means that the Beast can attack 300% without Animal and up to 600%. That’s 6x faster than his usual attack speed!) Animal’s Gonzo disk can increase his team’s attack speed. At 1 to 5 stars, their attack speed increases by 5-25% (each star comes with a 5% increase) for the rest of the wave and a shield (the lvl 1 shield HP is 219) that lasts 10secs is given at the start of every wave. Although the shields are very weak (lesser than normal shield skills like for Violet), the attack speed boost compromises for this disk. Wall-E’s disk however is not better than Gonzo’s. Although the disk provides healing for every Control that uses an active skill and slows for charmed allies, the healing is equally negligible. His red skill can slow enemies movement speed and knock back enemies further. His red skill also offers Basic Damage and skill power for himself and basic damage to his allies.

Robin Hood can steal energy with his green skill and deal more damage if Animal uses his white skill. With his blue skill, it’s effects is more brutal. He can also steal HP but is limited to how much damage can be dealt. Merida’s disk allow Robin to stun longer. And Nick’s disk gives Robin more HP to steal and more energy to steal. Merida’s disk is better because the Nick disk’s more energy stolen is pointless as Robin’s green skill already does this. In addition, Robin can deal even more damage with his basic damage boost from Merida’s disk.

Merida can deal more damage and has a comeback skill (she has increased basic attack speed and basic damage) and if active, Merida can deal more damage with her white and green skills. She also has a reduce armor skill for enemies to take more damage. Her disks give her a 100% chance to freeze enemies or deal damage over time. (Another perfect combo is Merida with Bogo’s disk, Hades’s Meg disk which boosts damage.) But because her HP growth is low, Kevin Flynn is here to help.

Kevin Flynn can protect his team from anything with his white skill and can either more healing or deal lesser damage with his Green skill. His allies must have high HP to ensure that Flynn can deal damage. His blue skill offers a shield that lasts 7secs and this skill randomly applies this shield to any one of his allies. His purple skill can give his allies more reality and they can take lesser fantastic damage. His red skill extend the duration of buffs by 5 seconds (using his white skill) or up to 7 seconds (using his blue skill). He also gets additional HP (the HP growth of this skill is good), skill power and more shield HP, allowing his allies to have their buffs extended for longer.

Other ally(ies) that can pair up includes Hades, Moana and other high normal damage dealers.

Overall, this team has at least 1 disable which is a stun (max. 2 disables which includes freeze), 2 debuffs (not including disables) which includes armor reduction and movement speed slow. There is a lot to worry since there are no crowd controllers if the stun is the ONLY disable in function. Try this team and comment if it works. The ratings are:

1 star :+1: (This team sucks. I need a better team!)
2 stars :+1::+1: (It’s still OK, but not to satisfactory. Chances of winning is low.)
3 stars :+1::+1::+1: (Average and satisfied with this team)
4 stars :+1::+1::+1::+1: (I somewhat like this team, although defeats are still common)
5 stars :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: (This team is 100% effective in killing enemies)


What type of hero guide details do you want to see in the next guide?

  • Stat based
  • Skill based
  • Pairing allies
  • Disks
  • Mods
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • All of the above

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