Toby Unlikely Hero Concept


Description: This old tram engine has entered the field to help out his friends with his experience and his bell, while hinder the enemy with his headlamp.

Quote: ‘‘This gentleman, is a gentleman who know how to speak to engines’’
Star: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Midline
Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: Toby enter the field while ringing his bell twice.

Victory: Henrietta appears behind Toby, as Toby smile happily.

Defeat: Toby frowns at the enemies.


Basic Attack: {Passive} instead of hitting the enemies directly, Toby instead ring his bell and grant 100 Energy to the ally with the Most Reality.

White Skill: Bless From The Bell:
Toby rang his bell loudly, Healing Toby and his allies for X HP and increasing their Reality by X for 12 seconds. As we’ll apply 2 Stack of Hardy to allies for 15 seconds.

Green Skill: Blinding Headlamp:
When an enemy comes within melee range of Toby, Toby use his headlights to apply blind to the enemy for 15 seconds and dealing X Fantastic Damage to them.

The Blind have a chance to fail on enemies above Level Y.

Blue Skill: Mocking Chuckle:
Toby laugh at the enemies, causing their Armor and Reality decrease by 50% for 10 seconds. As we’ll apply 1 Stack of Weakness to every enemies on the field for 13 seconds.

The Weakness have a chance to fail on enemies above Level Y.

Purple Skill: Good Old Toby:
Once per wave, when Toby falls below 50% of his Max HP, Toby gains 5 Stack of Hardy to himself for 15 seconds, Invincibility for 5 seconds and Heal himself for X HP.

After Toby use “Blinding Headlamp” he gain X Shield to Himself for 15 seconds and gains 3 Stack of Determination for 20 seconds.

The Determination have a chance to fail on Toby above level Y.

Red Skill: Gold as Goldie:
Every 2 basic attack, now grant 100 Energy to every allies on the field and grant himself 2 Stack of Hardy for 10 seconds. As we’ll Blind every enemies on the field for 4 seconds.

“Bless From The Bell” now apply to allies an Basic Attack increases by 75% for 10 seconds. As we’ll apply enemies an Skill Power decrease by 80% for 10 seconds.

The Blind has a chance to fail on enemies above level Y.

• + Z Max HP
• + Z Armor
• + Z Bonus Damage to “Blinding Headlamp”


[Toby and Mavis]
Description: Thomas, Percy, Daisy and Mavis were ecstatic to see Toby in the city safe and sound, as the engine talk about their experience in this world too Toby, soon came Sir Topham Hatt to welcome Toby. He then announced to the engine of his latest project of bringing back the Ffarquhar branchline back to service, so he assigned to the engines of what to do for the Project.

Disk Name: The Return of Ffarquhar
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP
• + X Tenacity
• + X Skill Power to Toby and his Allies

• At the start of Each Wave, Toby is immune for 5/7/9/11/13 seconds to all Snare, Attack and Movement Speed Slows.

Allies: Daisy, Percy, Thomas

[Toby and Percy]
Description: After the project, everything went back as it originally was, even Thomas was being himself as he was boast about his fully restored branchline to the other engines, obviously Toby ignore Thomas boast, but Percy wanted to teach Thomas a lesson, fortunately he wouldn’t have to do a thing as Thomas was getting himself into trouble.

Disk Name: Good To Be Back
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP to Toby and his Allies
• + X Tenacity to Toby and his Allies
• + X Bonus Damage to “Blinding Headlamp”

• Every 4 Basic Attack now removes 30/60/90/120/150 energy to every enemy on the field.

Allies: Thomas, Bo Peep, Goofy

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