Treasure Planet Appreciation Thread

Welcome Treasure Planet fans! I’ve created this thread to give the underrated masterpiece all the love and attention that it rightfully deserves on this forum. I also wish that characters from the movie including Jim Hawkins, John Silver, and Captain Amelia will finally be added to the heroes roster for all of us TP fans to use, play, and compete with. FYI, there are currently three badges inspired by the film available in the game. So come on in and rattle the stars! image


Yep, it’s very underrated but good!

I especially like it since there’s a Stitch Easter egg!

I think the 2000s Disney movies are some of the best!

Glad there’s another appreciation post and that I inspired so many! Seems like just yesterday I made my Stitch one :blush:

Here’s hoping your fav characters get added!


Thanks for joining! And I really hope that someday, PerBlue will listen to all of us and finally make our wishes come true.


I wouldn’t be surprised if that would be the only reason you liked the movie

I, personally, have never seen the movie. But I have seen a particular video about it and am amazed by how well the plot was constructed.


You should! It’s awesome! You’ll love it! Trust me!

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I tried finding it online once… never found it…

Have you tried searching a Blu-Ray, DVD, or digital copy of it?

I would… but I have restrictions… it sucks (thx mom and dad)

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Really? Why not?

2002 was a good year for movies I think! Lilo & Stitch, Treasure Planet, and tons more!



Stitch, Yzma, and most recently Kida from that era have been added to the game. But there’s still Lilo, Jim Hawkins, John Silver, and Captain Amelia that should be added to the hero roster as well.


Don’t you all agree with this?


Not realy but it was an fine movie!

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Treasure Planet should be a underrated gem someday. Just like The Iron Giant did.


It’s also a good year for releasing good films as well like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and bad ones like The Hunchback of Notre Dame II for an example.

Like Sam from Sam & Max Freelance Police will say: “You crack me up, little buddy”. 5/5 will give heart again.

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Well, it’s actually already considered an underrated gem by many, many people who saw it.


I know. When The Iron Giant first came out on 1999, it was a box office bomb, until years later, Brad Bird made blockbusters films like The Incredibles And Ratatouille, The Iron Giant became a masterpiece and a underrated gem of all time. Due the fact it had a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.


But unlike the Iron Giant, Treasure Planet currently has a mediocre fresh rating of 69% on Rotten Tomatoes all because of it’s “weak characterizations”.


I remember the percent on Treasure Planet.

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