Trial Events Feedback

Hello! Everyone should now be seeing the new Trial Events and we would love to get your feedback on this! This is the first run through and we do already have changes planned, but getting your feedback is so important to us!

Please make sure to keep this thread about Trial Events only! Thank you!


Fun way to get some cool rewards.


Well there isn’t much to say. Difficulty is fine, and I’m glad we can get more cosmetic and badge crates daily


Didn’t really seem any different than the normal trials.


Неплохо все. Но хотелось бы что бы награды побольше была)


And beautiful scene


I like the rewards. Not difficult to finish. Do they reset daily?


Yes, you can play the trials every day that it is running.


The “Easy” Difficulty is actually tragic for sub-TL 105 players. I know there are not many of them, but there are some still.

Will they change the rules daily or it will be the same rules for the whole 2 weeks?

I think it should be more Newby friendly. It seems aimed at high-level players, whereas newer players might not be able to take advantage of it so much.


The rules will stay the same.

  1. The information need to be clearer about the chance and reset daily. Many of us thought we could do all the difficulty :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

  2. Disc power and diamond need to be increased. They are meaningless as of now

  3. Could we have hero chips as rewards?

  4. Any chance enemies could get easier?

  5. Could there be any update with Trial Screen? With 3 team trial, 1 Codebase and 1 Event, it is just too many :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


It seems to me a great and interesting idea and it helps to renew the tests that were very repeated every day! But there are very few rewards, the prizes should be increased and also the opportunities, they should be 5, just like the team events. and I have a question, when are the opportunities reset daily?why today they did not restart with the whole game.

Great rewards!

Well and that in my eyes changed the Trial Events from “quite interesting” to “it sucks”. Thanks for the answer.


It’s neat, but way too easily cheesed by Shego. She should’ve been banned alongside Mulan.

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Awesome!! Just awesome!! … It’s a fun way to earn cosmetic crates and there are levels for everyone … absolutely love it And would love o see more

I do like how you can get badge and Cosmetic crates there. However, the Diamonds are a joke. Any chance the amount of diamonds gets at least like 75 at Impossible @Loutre? 15 for 14 days is a negligible amount, almost non-existent.

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