Trixie (Toy Story Hero Concept)


Trixie is a computer genius and optimist, sporting awesome Battlesaur tech.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Midline Tank
Stars: :star::star:
Quote: “Hello! I’m Trixie.”

Entrance: Trixie runs into the battlefield and screeches to a halt.
Victory: Trixie shoots her missile launchers in the sky victoriously.
KO: Trixie’s armor falls off of her.

Basic Attack: Trixie fires a missile at enemies.

White Skill - Keyboard Killer - True Damage
Trixie hits random keys on a computer keyboard, applying a random debuff to the furthest enemy for 6 seconds.

Green Skill - Prehistoric Study
Trixie squints her eyes at the strongest enemy, studying them for 5 seconds and granting herself X HP.

Blue Skill - Fossil Fuel
Trixie’s missile launchers transform into a vacuum that steals X energy from enemies.

Purple Skill - Fire Up the Computer
Each time Trixie performs her “Keyboard Killer” skill, she also applies a random buff to the weakest ally, lasting for 9 seconds.

Red Skill - All About Surrender
After an ally reaches 0HP, Trixie will absorb all debuffs applied to any of her allies. Her attack speed is increased by 40%, and her reality increased to X.

Trixie + Rex
Campaign: Extinction-Level Event - Creeps are on the run, causing destruction across the City, but Rex and Trixie save the day by going district-to-district as a creep extermination team.
Disk: City Service
Disk Memory: Trixie cannot take damage for the next 6 seconds after performing her “Fossil Fuel” skill.
Disk Power: Z White skill power
Allies: Darkwing Duck, Russell & Kevin, Colette

Trixie + Tron
Campaign: Mainframe Hackers - Trixie and Tron join forces after they discover strange occurrences in the City. As they scour the City for any clues to what is causing them, they find creeps are tampering with the game code.
Disk: Brains Over Brawn
Disk Memory: Trixie is immune to freezes after performing her “Fire Up the Computer” skill.
Disk Power: Z Basic skill power, Z energy gain
Allies: Wasabi, Tigger, Basil of Baker Street


The rex disc should increase the time trixie cant be damaged per upgradeing

You want me to increase the time in general, or throw something in for every time they upgrade the disk?

The second option

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Wow to be honest I thought she was going to have her missile launchers before but I thought she would be a backline damage

Please do a concept for REPTILLUS MAXIMUS from Toy Story That Time Forgot.

Please don’t revive dead topics…


This is a dead topic

Please don’t revive dead topics @Geniedingwall

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