Tuh-mater but without the tuh (Remake-cept)

Tow mater


Stars: :star:
Position: Frontline
Role: Control
Trial team: Red


This tow truck is more than willing to help out his allies with his exceptional towing skills


Entrance: Mater drives backwards to his position

Victory: Mater chuckles to himself

Defeat: Mater frowns while looking down

Basic attack: mater hits the nearest enemy with his tire, dealing X damage


White: Tractor tipping

Mater let’s out a very loud honk, dealing X damage to all enemies and silencing each enemy for 5 seconds.

If an enemy is already silenced, then this instead steals 2 buffs and 30% energy from each silenced enemy.

Green: Towing service

Mater launches his tow cable at the backmost enemy then he pulls the enemy towards the frontlines, dealing X damage to the foe, dealing X damage to each foe that the enemy passes through and stunning the target enemy for 5 seconds.

This move also inflicts the enemy with 2 stacks of fatigue.

Blue: Backwards driving

Mater drives backwards through the battlefield, dealing X damage to each foe he passes through and having a 45% chance to inflict 2 stacks of fatigue on each foe.

Purple: If I’m lyin’ I’m cryin!"

Each silence on a foe now increases mater’s skill power and reality by 35%

Red: Mater the greater

Whenever Mater damages a silenced enemy, that enemy has 1 stack of fatigue inflicted onto them.

The silence from “Tractor tipping” now prevents each enemy from gaining energy for until the silence wears off.
+X skill power
+X damage to “Tractor tipping”
+X max HP


Goofy in nature
“Backward driving” inflicts more fatigue

“Backward driving” now inflicts 1 more stack of fatigue.

Description: wanting to have a fun night out with his new pal, Mater decides to take Goofy to find a place to go tractor tipping…unaware that the citizens are fully aware of maters past tractor tipping trips causing tractor stampedes

Bright lights
Silences prevents healing

Silences prevents each enemy from healing for as long as they are silenced.

Description: While lightning mcqueen is on break from racing, Mater is tasked with trying to find a substitute racer to take mcqueens place in the upcoming grand prix in which he has no luck…until he witnesses shank’s racing skills and immediately seeks her out for the role

Check out the original concept here

OG Mater concept


Nice remake. Maybe it would be a cool idea to link the OG concept to compare the two. :grin:

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