Two bumbling baduns (likely concept)

Jasper and Horace


1 star, frontline damage

“J: I ain’t gonna hurt ya, H: but I thought we was gonna pop 'em off, J: shh, shut up”

these two crooks are ready to knock enemies blinking blocks off with their fire poker and leg-chair club


Entrance: they drive into the battlefield in their truck and then they both hop out as the truck dissapears (until B0)

Victory: a TV appears in front them and a couch appears behind them as they sit down to watch the show

Defeat: they both gain shocked looks on their faces before then pointing to their allies to shift the blame towards them.

Basic attack: Jasper whacks the nearest enemy with a firepoker while Horace whacks them with a club-like chair leg, dealing X damage to the target enemy two times.


White: Electric Co

Horace holds up a bag that says “electric Co” on it while they both take off their hats, this decrease the armor of all enemies for 20 seconds while also giving the badun brothers a shield of X amount.

While the shield is still up, the duo’s basic attack now steals X% energy from their target enemy and gives it to themselves.

Green: champagne swing

Jasper drinks a bottle of champagne, healing him for X amount and increasing his attack speed by 100% for 11 seconds. Then Jasper swings the bottle two times before flinging it towards the backmost enemy, dealing X damage, dealing knockback and stunning the enemy for 10 seconds.

Blue: delivery truck

At the start of each wave, Jasper and horace drive through the enemy team in their truck, dealing X damage to each enemy they pass through and knocking back each enemy as well.

Purple: let’s get on with it

Each percentage of energy stolen by Jasper and horace are now also given to allies near Jasper and horace as well.

Red: what’s my crime

“Champagne swing” now deals AOE damage to foes near the enemy who gets hit first by the bottle

Jasper and Horace gain X% energy for each time their shield from “Electric Co” takes damage.
+X damage to “Champagne swing”
+X skill power
+X attack power


Jasper and horace/Megavolt
Electrical corruption
beefier shields

Megavolt hires Jasper and Horace to help him run his electric company…only for the company to be a trap in order for him to try out a new form of electric hypnotism.

All shields given to allies now have X more health.

Jasper and horace/Gaston
A coat of something
energy stolen also extends cooldowns

Gaston hires Jasper and horace to assist him in hunting animals…in which they fail at every turn.

Each percentage of energy stolen from enemies now extends their cooldowns by 1 second per percentage of energy stolen from each enemy.


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