Two Crazy Animals and their Owner

Garfield, Odie, & Jon(Garfield)
They are a :star: front line Tank trio
“I hate Mondays.”
Bio: Garfield is a fat orange cat. Odie is dumb yellow dog. Jon is a cartoonist. Together, they take down creeps.
Team: Yellow
Win: they laugh
Jon gets scared leans back with hands half way up.
Odie gets sad with his ears droop.
Garfield gets mad with arms crossed.
Basic attack:
Jon tosses a coffee mug.
Odie barks.
Garfield scratches.
White: Kicking time👊: P: Jon’s basic attack hits the farrest enemy, Odie’s basic attack heals himself, Garfield, and Jon X hp, Garfield’s basic attack removes X amour. A: Garfield kicks Odie, making Odie bump into random enemies, stunning them for X seconds, while Jon gets mad at Garfield, giving them a shield of X hp for X seconds. Odie rolls back to position afterwards.
Green: Pooky: Garfield takes out Pooky, his Teddy bear, and hugs it, healing himself, Odie, Jon, and his team X hp and charming the 3 closest enemies for X seconds.
Blue: Disco Dancing: Jon dances, dodging a range attack, reflecting it back to its origin with X extra damage. He can only do this for every 5 seconds.
Purple: Drum-tastic: Odie does a drum solo, giving him, Garfield, and Jon attack speed up and speed up for X seconds.
Red: Comic relief: “Disco Dancing” now dodges a melee attack.
75% more hp
60% more reality
80% more basic attack damage

Garfield, Odie, & Jon-Linguiniti & Remy
Restaurant Riot
The Garfield’s basic attack now does X damage overtime for X seconds.

Garfield, Odie, & Jon-Unikitty

Odie’s basic attack heals the entire team.


Good concept, I like it

This concept is pretty interesting

Please don’t revive dead topics.

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